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is creating a short form podcast focusing on 18xx and other train games.
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About The Train Rush

"The Train Rush is a short form podcast, typically running 30-45 minutes in length, where your hosts discuss a single ‘train game’ they have played in the preceding fortnight.
Focusing primarily on 18XX titles but also encompassing related games, when sufficiently compelling!"

We've had more interest in the podcast over the past 10 months than we could have possibly hoped for. We've learned a lot and honed our craft, to some degree! However, we've also learned our limits. To take the next step in terms of regularity of content and technical quality of episodes, we need your help.

Specifically, we'd like to outsource the editing of the podcast & offset our existing running costs.

We aren't promising rewards for the Patreon, as it stands. It's more of a 'tip jar' affair, where we will endeavour to carry on doing more of the same (as you seem to like it), but with less 'random' gaps in the schedule.  Should the outsourcing of editing release sufficient time, thus creative bandwidth, we may conceive of extra content, but the first step is getting the show to a sustainable place.

Whether you think we're 'Sound for a pound', care to 'Front us a fiver', or just want to carry on listening to our show, free of charge, we are ever grateful for your support!

Craig & Dave

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