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Friend of The Triforce

$1 / month
  • We will count you as a "friend"
  • We'll give you access to our "RICH FRIENDS ONLY" channel on Discord
  • You can ask a question which we will answer on our "Earnings Call"

Best Friend of The Triforce

$10 / month
  • Everything from the previous tier and...
  • We will come round to your house at a time of our choosing and do your washing up
  • One Best Friend selected every month
  • If you're outside London or Tokyo you may have to pay for our transport
  • You must leave your kitchen window open

Triforce Initiate

$100 / month
  • Everything from the previous tiers and...
  • We keep a document recording everything we know about the girlfriends of one of our friends
  • We will send you the only physical copy of this document that exists
  • There is space on this document for you to add own your notes
  • We expect the document back




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About The Triforce Dot Com

$0.80 of $499 per month
When we reach $500 we'll find one of you and document a tremendous night out full of regrets in your town or city. You can sleep on our hotel room floor.
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