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The Truthists
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With your help, we can send one sticker to someone who needs it the most. Each sticker will be sent out with secret link to private message board only you and the receiver will know that they can say thank you to and optionally, you can become pen pals with.
The Truthism Rocks
per month
With your help, we can send one person a handmade Truthism rock of hope.
The Truthfeeder
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With your help, we can feed the homeless and the needy.

You will receive a thank you video directly from me and the person or child who receives your help. (if only they are willing and if not, you will receive a thank you video from me on their behalf)




per month


The Truthism was formed from the idea that when we have enough like minded individuals come together to pursue a goal we can accomplish just about anything that includes making the world a better place.

So, how do we find people who share the same goal? We send out stickers with inspirational, motivational and most importantly informational stickers as a small beacon of hope that the person who has it is reminded to stay positive and those who resonate with the message can come find where the rest of the group is... at The Truthism.

That's where your contribution comes in. When you pledge, I'm pledging to send people a positive reminder on your behalf in forms of stickers, Truthism rocks, and many other goods to remind those in need to keep going and keep fighting the good fight knowing that there are those of us who are working tirelessly towards making the rest of our lives the best of our lives for all of us.

If you aren't able, I hope you can share with your network and when you find yourself in a better place, I hope you can find it in your heart to pledge so you and I can send help to those in need.

As a Software Engineer, I donate my time to Non-profit Organizations to improve their infrastructure and performance to find better solutions, in other words, an effort to help the people who help people. So with your pledge each month, you all can help me choose a local non-profit organization who could really use my skills and expertise in web development or just any IT consulting. With YOUR help and vote, we can choose and help one non-profit every month.
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