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is creating multi layered Music Videos and Tutorials.

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My name is David Cassel, I call myself The Ukulele Bandito and I am a full time Content Creator!  

My creations often merge elements of animation, original songs, orchestrations, comedy, sketches and a wide range of film and video techniques.  This page is already loaded with all of my favorite projects from the past to give my patrons an idea of what it is I actually do!  I make stuff!

I started out in 1980 as a juggling mime clown and have spent 40 years traversing the analogue to digital era exploring new media around the world.  I have lived on three continents, am a legal citizen of three countries and speak five languages, three fluently. Before computers were common place, I was creating multimedia productions and using film in video in my early avant grade work. I cut my first digital movie in 1994!  If you want to know more about my career, where I have been and what I have created, please visit my website at http://www.davidcassel.ca

Almost 40 years later, I am still producing an exceptional volume of work, mostly comedy and music because I love making people laugh. Everyday, I write songs and scripts, create music videos and animation, assemble on line tutorials, "How To" guides and produce a diverse spectrum of other projects for myself and a small list of very dedicated clients.

I have decided to set up here on Patreon so that my supporters can help me increase my production values, by contributing to my monthly production budget, and helping me to create my best work ever! 

This page is dedicated to my creative universe and I am searching for people who value and appreciate the spirit of innovation to contribute to my vision. I have many projects in various stages of development. Some I do by myself and on others I invite collaborators. I produce at least one new project a week.

There are simply not enough hours in the day to produce all of the ideas that seem to flow endlessly from my brain. It is my dream that I will operate a full time production facility, with staff, to engage with other professional artists and provide a full schedule of programming.

If you need a custom song...contact me.  Depending on the amount your contribution, I have a whole selection of gifts and surprises ranging from custom songs and videos to books, CD's and so much more !  I just can't seem to stop making stuff!  I love to Up Cycle.

Here is a list of content you can go and enjoy right now by signing up and gaining access to my content area. You won't be disappointed.

1)  The ComplainerMan Hour (News/Sketch Comedy Show - 16 music videos, made in 2017        - all free!)

2)  Adventures in the Vortex (Action Adventure Micro Video Series - 24 episodes)

3) Various Music Videos, Animations, Documentaries.  Over 30 years of stuff including my latest mega video "Algorithm Blues" Where I play 34 characters!
Here is a list of upcoming projects that you can invest in!

4)    The Ukulele Bandito Show (Variety Show - New instalment every month)

5)    How To Be A Mime (Instructional Video, Series of 36)

6)    Ukulele Lessons - Basic Pop Songs (Instructional Videos, Series of 36)

7)    How to Shoot Video in Your Closet. (Instructional Video, Series of 8)

8)    The Tasty Cake (hand painted animated cartoon - 5 minutes)

9)    How to build a low cost green screen studio

10)  The making and distribution of The upcoming "Private Harbour" music video

11) The building of "Rad-o-Phone"

12) The Karow Sommerfest Documentary about the Art and Muisc festival I organized in 2018

13) How I made a Giant Pencil

14) How to sculpt polystyrene foam with a hot knife

15) What is "Up Cycling" and How Can you do it?

16) My Life Living in A Bus.

17) My feature film project for 2022 "Busland", following the lives of a community of people who live in tiny homes and vehicles in a Berlin suburb .  This is where it is all going because I live in a bus.

I look forward to getting to know you. Tell your friends!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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