Simeon Scott is creating The Vacuuminator

Basic Package

$1 /mo
Support at this level will grant you access to my Patreon content feed, which will be the hub for all future content I produce. You'll also be given an invite to my discord server, where you'll be ...

Archive package

$5 /mo
With this level you'll get the rewards of the previous tier as well as access to a Google drive folder of all the videos of mine that have been removed or deleted from YouTube for one reason or ano...

Behind The Scenes Package

$10 /mo
With this level you'll get all the rewards of the previous tiers plus a bunch of behind the scenes content like regular updates on what I'm making, scripts for old videos and commentaries on videos...

Producer package

$20 /mo
At this level you will get all the rewards from the previous tiers as well as being given a producer credit on all videos uploaded during your patronage, access to special producers only discord se...