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Pledge $5 or more per month
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With this time, I will help at least one person to go Vegan. And because they'll be so inspired and motivated by me helping them, they'll likely help another few people around them, who will help a few more and... $5 for several new supported Vegans sounds good to me!
You don't really get anything directly from this, but isn't the feeling of helping animals, humans and the planet way more rewarding than any tacky items I could offer?
I already Skype anyone and everyone for free, so this this might not mean much to you, but you're free to add me on Skype and chat with me. You will also get my personal phone and Whatsapp numbers to contact me more directly.
Pledge $10 or more per month
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As before, this will help me create videos and veganize the world, which is always a good thing to support.
You will also have access to my upcoming video ideas, scripts and clips before they are uploaded as videos. You can also suggest ideas and give me feedback during the process.
Pledge $25 or more per month
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As with everything above, this will seriously help me soo much and you would be making a massive difference. This amount would just about pay for my food for a week!
Did you know that I'm currently working on a full-length documentary and ebook? Well, if you support me at this level, you'll not only help create these, but you'll have access to clips, scripts and ideas as I create them. You can also suggest ideas and give me feedback during the process.
And when the ebook and audiobook is done, you'll be the first to receive a copy for free. (you can also help proofread it if you like ;) )
Pledge $50 or more per month
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This would be enough to fund my food, wifi and living space for at least a day. In 24 hours I could create a short video and help several people progress to a Vegan lifestyle and this would be all thanks to you.
As well as all the things listed above, you'll also be the first to get any merchandise I create like stickers, T-shirts etc. for free.
I will also create a short, relevant video of your choice. You can choose the topic, how I edit, what music I use, how I make the thumbnail and I will credit you fully.
Pledge $100 or more per month
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If you are in the financial position to support me this much, I would be incredibly grateful to you. You'd seriously be changing the world. With support like this, I'd be able to produce videos of much higher quality and at a higher frequency.
You will be free to contact me as often as possible and you can request any number of videos at any length and help direct their production. If you are in the UK, I'd love to hang out with you sometime and get some good food...