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About The Vegas Tourist

I'm Mark Anthony "The Vegas Tourist" and I wanted to welcome you to my Patreon page.

Think of this as a tip jar.  You like what you see and hear thus far and you want to thank us for our effort as well as help us create something better going forward. 

The show still goes on without it but is made a little easier when it exists. 

This is an ongoing crowdfunding endeavor to help with the costs associated with creating fresh travel content for YouTube as well as Podcast. Expenses such as travel, lodging, entrance fees, etc... .

Support us and we will continue to create more and better podcasts and videos.  Patreon supporters get their questions answered on the air first and will be part of a private discussion on what to create, where to go next, as well as other production decisions.   

From my partner and wife, Miss Debbie and myself, I want to Thank You support and hope you  continue enjoying Las Vegas and our shows

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