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is creating new blueprints for the benefit of humanity, Earth and beyond.




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About Vine Tribe

We are Vine Tribe, consciously co-creating the future; new blueprints for higher consciousness living for the benefit of humanity and Earth and beyond.

We want touch you into joining us in co-creating a fresh approach to living.

We know our corporate leaders and our governments aren’t going to do it for us. And some have realised that we must do it ourselves; that the solution we are waiting for is in both the destination and in our walking towards it.

But this is not a journey that can – or should – be walked alone. This is a call to walk together as a collective into that brighter future.

It’s not just for those that feel ready to follow the call of a new world unfolding – it’s also – very much so – for those that feel lost and stuck and yearn for viable options to open up for them.

For many, life as it’s presented to us is not one we enjoy or wish to participate in. It’s time we tried something new. Time to bring new visions for life to life and build bridges for the less courageous to cross in safety.

We are not creating a religious community, a privileged or an exclusive community; it will naturally form it’s own culture but we are not basing it around any particular dogma. We are creating and adopting new models for life for all. Something that should at the very least be an option and only a choice away for all.

This is a project for humanity, our Earth and beyond. We are not aiming to be THE solution for everyone but we are among the few who will create islands of the future from which humanities awakening will unfold.

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