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per seminar for students in a cappella music
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- and our grateful public acknowledgment, at the event and online, for helping to bring expert-level music education to young students!
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per seminar for students in a cappella music
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per seminar for students in a cappella music
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per seminar for students in a cappella music


The Vocal Foundation is a charitable, educational organization that provides opportunities for student musicians to develop and share their music. These opportunities include small, intensive seminars called Next Level Music Education; larger, festival-style events called acappellaEd; and more.
Our programming combines two revolutionary concepts in music education: everyone gets to learn everything, and everything should be free.
Everyone gets to learn everything means that workshops are offered multiple times, so that every student gets to work with every instructor: no more struggling to create the perfect schedule -- we've already created it, and all that's missing are the students.
Everything should be free means that our goal is to deliver the highest-quality education at no cost to students. Registration? Should be free. Workshops and masterclasses? Should all be free. The opportunity for young musicians to perform their music for expert-level instructors, excited fellow singers, and an enthusiastic audience? This amazing opportunity should be cost-free.
All of this flows from our commitment to a third concept, collaboration: we're committed to the idea that everything is better together. In all of our programs we work closely with students so that they have the tools and, more importantly, the opportunities to make their music, better.
With your patronage, The Vocal Foundation will be able to provide these opportunities for even more students!

What your support makes possible: amazing experiences at no cost to the students.

Your support helps us with every aspect of our programs: from identifying opportunities and student needs; through securing venues for events; to enlisting the best instructors and musicians; and more.

Above all, your support is what lets us do all of this at no cost to the students:

- e
very $360 allows a student group to attend an acappellaEd event for free;

- every $720 allows us to bring in an expert-level instructor to work with those students;

- every $3,600 allows the students to work with an entire roster of expert-level instructors;

- and when support reaches $4,800 per event, the students can attend every event for free.

Thank you so much for making their amazing experiences possible!
$320 of $360 per seminar for students in a cappella music
Just $360 means a student group can attend an acappellaEd event *for free*!
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