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I have a dream, that you would like to support the show, and thus gaining you access to The ULF Experience. 

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You are curious as to what is going on, and would like the talkshow to thrive. You will get access to "The ULF Experience", and you will get to decide the topic of an episode of "The WakeUp Show". 

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You have woken from the Matrix, and need a source of wisdom and insight to get you fully unplugged. You will get to decide the topic of a "WakeUp" episode, and will get credited at the end of the episode. You will also get access to "The ULF Experience". You will also get "The WakeUp Show" official Coffee mug, as seen in the show. 




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"I had this peculiar dream, where God and James Corden came to me, and told me I was to become the next big American Talkshow host."

Ulf, august 2020

On a mission from God/The Universe/Source energy/you name it, Ulf and Øystein make the soon to be legendary talk show "The WakeUp Show". It airs live on Facebook every Thursday at 10 PM CEST, and they send the show from The Dream.

The Dream, or Drammen, is the Norwegian town where Ulf currently resides with his wife and kids. But the goal is to move the show to San Francisco, making it the amazing American talkshow it is destined to be. And you can help make that happen!

We document the process of making the dream come true with our behind-the-scenes documentary series "The ULF Experience", where you beautiful patreons get to see all the work and effort we put in to making this vision a reality.

Oh, and the objective of The WakeUp Show? To spread unconditional love, joy and laughter, and to wake everybody up!

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Booking guests, recording, and distributing the talkshow takes time. And renting the vodcast-studio costs a bit of money. This earning would allow Øystein and Ulf to spend one day a week on the talkshow, rather than doing it on their spare time. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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