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I'll check out and review any content, product, website you've created and include a link to it in an upcoming theWAREHOUSE comic post. I'll be totally honest in my opinion about it! If it's a physical product you can ship it to me.(One time payment only, then just cancel the repeat!)
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Choose one of theWAREHOUSE paintings you can see in my recent post! I'll mail it to you for FREE (in the continental US – otherwise we'll figure it out separately). Remember, this is a ONE TIME payment, NOT a recurring one! Definitely email me at [email protected] with any questions and if you buy one!

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About Carl Huber

Hey theWAREHOUSErs! You guys know me; I love you.

You've read the entire back catalogue of theWAREHOUSE right? The nearly 1,000 comics stretch back representing years of work. I wish Patreon existed back then! For years I subsisted on terrible google Ad revenue, which really was not a good gauge of how much you enjoyed the comic. It was about how much I could convince you folks to hit ads. Not cool of me, in light of the more modern business models.

With Patreon you can directly support theWAREHOUSE for as much as you like,
helping to fund me taking the time to create the comics.

I'm hoping this is a more transparent and awesome way for you guys to support theWAREHOUSE!

I have heard so much love from many of theWAREHOUSE readers and it blows my mind that our little disparate community can come together for fun, snarky, geeky, existential, hopefully positive comics and discussions. Always always always feel free to send notes and questions, invite me to do stuff, ask me about things, post comments on the Facebook page. You are as big a part of this community as I am!

Keep those glowsticks twirling!

Note: I've set theWAREHOUSE Patreon page up for monthly contributions, but you can always do a one-time payment and then cancel the repeat after it's processed. I'm flexible! :)
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A month's worth of comics! I'll aim for twice a week.
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