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About The Wheel Weaves Podcast

Welcome to The Wheel Weaves Podcast!

The Wheel Weaves is a Wheel of Time podcast suitable for first time readers. Join Dani and Brett as they journey into the series for chapter analysis, character break-downs, and (probably wrong) predictions - all from the perspective of a WoT virgin. Guided by Brett, the long-time super fan, Dani reads through the series knowing absolutely nothing! No spoilers here!

Find us on Instagram and Twitter or Email us directly at with any questions, comments, or recommendations for future and bonus episodes!

Thank you!

To all of our supporters: whether it's moral, technical or financial supporters, we appreciate you all! This is a passion project for us and since we both have full time jobs and a family to care for, we are putting all of our spare time and energy into bringing you content that we all love.
Our biggest hopes in producing this podcast is that we can reach out to new readers of this series who need a guiding hand to sort through its intricacies, as well as to veteran readers of the series who want to relive their first-read experience, and hopefully gain some more insights. Most importantly, we want to have fun as we take this journey through the WoT universe!
Every little bit helps make our podcast better, whether it's becoming a patron, subscribing to our channels, telling friends and family who may know about the series, or even just listening for yourself and leaving a comment! We are grateful to be a part of this amazing community!

Contributions to Charity ~

We have wanted to be to give back to this amazing community and pay it forward and now, thanks to our generous patrons, we are able to! At the beginning of every month, we have decided to donate $1 for every patron we have to Mayo Clinic in honour of the reason we are all here - Robert Jordan! Every year, more than a million people go to Mayo Clinic for care. Their highly specialized experts are deeply experienced in treating rare and complex conditions. We are excited at the prospect of how this can grow in the future! Thank you patrons! 
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