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About The Whiskey Net

The Whiskey Net is almost exactly what it sounds like: a network (or "net") to bring the best bloggers, vloggers, writers, and podcasters in the whiskey world together.  Great whiskey is meant to be enjoyed, but it's also best when shared.  The same could be said for the digital world that whiskey enthusiasts exist in.  Between creating content for your website, social media, and other platforms as well as maintaining your contacts and relationships with brands, distilleries, Patreon supporters, and more the whiskey world can add up quickly.  What if there was a way to leverage the whiskey world to our collective advantage?  In short: there is.  In it's purest form, The Whiskey Net is a place where differences are set aside and we all enjoy our true passion: whiskey.  Let's dig in.

Whiskey enthusiasts like to share.  Posts, links, videos, samples, pours of whiskey with friends--it's all part of the whiskey universe we love and cherish.  There is already a certain amount of crossover between review websites, podcasts, YouTube creators, and other folks operating in the whiskey space.  How can we work together to put all of this great content in front of the eyes that want to see it?  By forging bonds across the online whiskey world.

Using Discord as the backbone of The Whiskey Net allows each community to carve out it's very own space in the online whiskey world.  Offering varying levels of server setup, integration, and automation allows you to choose how connected you'd like your community to be.  The building, setup, and management is taken care of--The Whiskey Net allows you to benefit from our customized Discord server creations quickly and easily.

Imagine a world where organic searches, SEO, and analytics from every whiskey enthusiast are utilized to bring us all together. The Whiskey Net instantly connects your community to other already-established whiskey communities, and allows you the ability to opt-into cross-community posting to automatically put your content in front of more and more whiskey enthusiasts.  

We're all in this together.  In these unprecedented times there are more virtual tastings, happy hours, and cross-community streams than ever before.  Combining your existing platform/s with Discord and Patreon allows your community to interact in more ways than ever before.  Mix that interaction with today's technology to pull data into Discord, and you'll give real-time access to your content to everyone in your community, and to other communities within The Whiskey Net.  How quickly will your social media following increase?  How soon will you hit those website view goals?  You're already making great content.  Let's get together and share it with the world.

The Whiskey Net Discord is here bringing the whiskey world together, are you ready to see exactly what your community has waiting for it?

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