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zarina will post you a postcard post-quarantine, post post post. it is a postcard of the degree show bingo we made 
love you
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Hey we are just updating our tiers in the middle of covid quarantine but we don't have merchandise to give you yet, sorry, just a lot of people have asked for the 3 dollar tier to be opened up again so here you go + thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! this is how we get paid, it means everything (n now more than ever)
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Idk I'm just adding this tier because some of you might be on salaries but reading what we do + in a position to help??? a girl can dream baby




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Hello you nice people 🌞 

We are Zarina Muhammad and Gabrielle de la Puente and we run a website together called The White Pube, where we publish criticism on exhibitions, the art industry, and more recently video games as well. We started this whole thing as a joke back in 2015 because we hated the way art was written about (and who was getting to write about it tbh) and we thought it would be funny if we gave it a try ourselves. We tried writing more cazjjjj, tried actually sharing opinions, tried writing through the body rather than the canon as prime reference. The past few years have been wild and what started as a joke is now our actual real life jobs: publishing reviews and art thoughts every Sunday but also trying to fight for a fairer art world whenever we can.

It doesn't feel right to ask for public funding to cover the weekly texts on the website when it's just our readership that consume them, u kno? So we are on Patreon because it's better, it's one to one. Patreon allows you to pledge upwards of $1/month to someone you want to support and we like that system (atm 1 dollar = 81p. We are UK based - London and Liverpool - but signed up when the only currency available was dollars).

At first, we used Patreon to cover train fares to exhibitions but it has grown enough that we can use it to pay ourselves a wage. Over 12K people visit every month, so our aim is for lots and lots of $1/81p pledges to reflect this. We can hopefully continue to make a living and pay the rent, but also with more reader funding we can invest back into The White Pube: expand our web residency scheme and pay people more, produce fun merchandise, and pay people to consult on certain texts or write with us when the occasion calls for it. The more we get from Patreon, the less we have to stress hunting for random freelance work. Love love love to be reader-supported.

It would be very nice if you could donate 81p on a monthly basis because it all adds up. If you cannot, maybe someone else can support us on ur behalf, like how u can gift sponsor a tiger? That is so cute.

Thank you for making our dreams come true and don’t forget all our accounts are on if you want a nose.
LOVE N LIGHT, and thank you.
Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad
The White Pube
$2,000 - reached! per month
We reached the first goal which I... how? so we have tentatively added a new one in the hopes of making 2K dollars which is £1,621. This would be a very good full time base pay for the two of us and it could also cover TWP residency fees past and present and take the pressure of hunting down freelance work to pay the bills
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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