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About The Wikicast

Hello, Dan and Simon here! (or Simon and Dan - Simon)

We're two mates who make a thoroughly unimportant, though immensely informative, podcast called the Wikicast! Every week we click the 'random article' button on Wikipedia and chat about what we find. We also review what films and TV shows we've recently watched, and read out correspondence from our listeners (readers, it's a long story - Simon) including some incredible fan-fiction. The podcast is rapidly becoming something really special - we've gone from being two friends messing about in our living room to a semi-professional success story (debatable - Simon) listened to by thousands . . . we're as surprised as you are! 

Currently the podcast has minimal overhead expenses - hosting, basically - which we pay for out of our pockets. The humble purpose of this Patreon is cover these costs, meaning that we're not running a loss to make the podcast. We turn to you, our dear readers, to help make this possible.

But that is not all!

If people generously donate more money than is required to host the podcast, there are additional goals which we would like to achieve:
  1. Our podcast is dependent on Wikipedia (as are most university students - Simon) and as such we would like to make a regular contribution to pay back some of what Wikipedia has given us.
  2. As we now live separately, making content together requires one of us to travel to the other. This, unfortunately, is rather expensive in our situation, and additional funds from the Patreon will go to a fund to pay for travel expenses. This will allow us to film much more content for our YouTube channel together.
  3. We would love to make merch such as t-shirts and stickers and the like for the Wikicast, but to do so requires capital (*urge to unite with workers of the world rising* - Simon) which as students we currently lack. If there is money left over from the above this can be used to fund expansion of the podcast through merch and better equipment.
Our readers truly mean a great deal to us, and if after reading this you to choose to support us in some way then we are immensely grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, and we hope you'll join us for another tumble down the wiki rabbit hole. We'll see you next time!

Dan and Simon, age 20 11/12 and 27 1/6
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We will up our support for Wikimedia to £50 a month!
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