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Community supports the spirit of life, and even the smallest amount has alchemical proportions. 

This is a chance for us to really move creatively in this cauldron and offer what feels energetically alive for us and the community at this time.

This tier includes but is not limited to these offerings: 
  • Exclusive Content from Guest & Early Episode Releases before they hit podcast platforms (workshops, special gifts, discounted sessions with guest) 
  • Playlists for your sun sign
  • Movement Practices 
  • Poetry Musings
  • General Badassery of Witchy Proportions
this truly supports our work by making it possible for us:
- to support our audio engineer costs
- to pay guests for their time 
- to ensure to get closed capitioning for season II 

Ritual Craft Collective
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The Ritual Craft Collective supports witches who want to connect with self-designed practices. I offer spell work for auspicious times, understanding how to read tarot for oneself, and high holy day rites of passage.  It is an element of substance and physicality. This tier allows you to cast your circle deeper. We explore seasonal thresholds and rituals and practices that connect seasonally.

This includes:
  • Everything from Tier 1 
  • (1) Ritual Craft Practice per month via Video, Blog Post, Or Audio 

Ritual Craft Collective supports our work through paying for our audio engineer, and beginning to support the continued development of a membership coven on the website. 

Muse Messages
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Mercury, Salt, and Sulfur represent the three aspects of creation. 

Here we connect to communication, the art of intuition and deep listening.  Tarot prompts us to lean into our intuition.  We seek solace in the cards, how we process ourselves and our shit, and what comes through can provide ways for us to make sense of things. 

Mercury’s glyph, or symbol, resembles that of Venus, with the addition of a semi-circle (hat) at the top. Spirit (circle) over matter (cross), resulting in receptivity (crescent). This is like a tarot reading, where we begin to connect whats circling around us by getting to the heart of the matter and listening to truths and TRUTH

This one card reading offered monthly will give you a glimpse to where you've been, where you're going, where you're at.

This also will host monthly quarterly downloads via video of audio from Margaret Merisante a PhD of Mythology and professional astrologer. We explore the intersection between mythology and astral connections, a conversation for the astrological nerd to curious traveler. 
Within this tier we are offer: 

This tier includes:
  • A card reading sent over email (1-3 Card Spread dependent) 
  • Cosmic Conversation which includes exclusive episodes for Patreon about Astrology and Seasonal Thresholds. This may come in the form of an audio track, a tarot reading for your sign, or a collective full moon or new moon tarot reading 





This is a place for magick. It is invited in through the power of ritual, tarot, dream tending and ways of the modern mystic.

Through my work with my website 
The Witches Muse, I have realized how importance the muse moves me to magic. The muse takes different forms and shapes through lunar phases, time in the wild unknown, and connecting the art of ritual.  

This place was created as a way for me to look beyond advertisements to provide meaningful content that would continually leave listeners curious, compelled to move towards something, and a place where the imagination holds such deep power & devotion.  

Social Media makes it harder for creative witches like myself to be seen. Patreon creates a connection, a relationship of reciprocity that is not controlled by an algorithm that picks your magick for you. We build a community and a way to foster connection. 

Within each of these tiers lives amongst us, mineral kin. These kin support the threads of this space through a podcast, the work of tarot, and dream tending-tending and supporting our imaginal world.

My goal of this work is provide community wellness through wholing work and mystery support.  


  • Special gifts and offerings from podcast guests just for Patreon Supporters
  • Astrological Playlists Monthly through Spotify and Apple Podcasts
  • The Art of Story Telling (Why mythos and stories are so important)
  • Monthly Ritual Craft that include spellwork, tarot casting, and lunar divination 
  • Cosmic Conversations and Astrological Nuggets for auspicious times to support spell work, divination, and major transits (I am not an astrologer, just a forever student)
  • Personal oracle card drawings that I can email to you
  • Personal one card tarot readings that I can email to you
  • Updates on the process of being a magical witch bit during the fall of capitalism
  • One on One Guide Work that includes tarot reading, dream tending and somatic practices. 

By supporting this podcast, you will be able to participate in the quality, diversity, and the longevity of this space.

Supporting witches of color is a priority of this platform, and by choosing to support this work, there is amplification of these much needed to be heard, seen, supported voices like mine and so many others. 

You are doing something incredible, keeping this work accessible for anyone in the world, and to anyone who wants to listen.

I hope by being here you can feel connected and stirred, mused and inspired.

We have an opportunity to share stories that impact and shift the very narrative of our current culture, and that is indeed a true gift. 

Deep Bows,


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When I reach 25 patrons, I will send out a ritual oil marked by the aspects of the time when we reached 25 patrons support! 
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