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If you like what I do and understand the time and energy it takes to Rescue and make time to my videos then please commit to just $5.00 or more each month...Thank you!

Beta Wolf
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It takes a pack to raise a pup and it takes a lot of work to keep a sanctuary going and to feed over 65 mouths...including mine!

If you love the work I do and understand the time and energy it takes to Rescue and cook for my dogs and make time to my videos then please commit to just $10.00 or more each month...Thank you!

Alpha Wolf
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I stay busy everyday saving lives, creating dog foods and taking care of my rescues. I am alway trying to find new ways to enrich the lives of my furry rescues and to create fun new recipes that I can prepare for myself and my beloved canines. Living in the woods far from any city makes it tough sometimes to get everything I need for me and my rescues, so we can live healthy abundant lives. Your generous donations helps make all that possible.

So, please consider a monthly contribution of $25.00 or more to keep all of us healthy, happy and stable.

Thank you SO much for your continued support of my endeavors! 

With this tier you will recieve my Wolf Daddy's Hungry Like A Wolf Canine Cookbook as well as the gifts from tier 2!




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I am Wolf Daddy
For the past twenty five years I have dedicated my life to the Rescue and Lifetime care of captive bred wolves and other wild and exotic canids.
I can tell you with certainty that saving lives and providing a lifetime sanctuary is a road to poverty.
I know that road well.
My passion for these animals trapped in the exotic pet trade runs deep.
Over the years I have rescued over 400 wild animals and have provided them with lifetime care at my Sanctuary or with other proper homes and sanctuaries.
I currently have over 300 YouTube videos on my channel Wolf Daddy Channel and I am currently most all are about what is happening at the sanctuary and my rescues.
My second passion in life is health and nutrition for canines and humans so I have created another channel called Wolf Daddy’s Kitchen.
There you will find fun foods you can cook for your dog and for yourself.
I also have two books, my first book is called “A Wolf and His Man” which is about a part of my life working and traveling with a beautiful black Timber Wolf named Raven.
My second book is called Wolf Daddy’s Hungry like a Wolf Canine Cookbook. This book is choke full of fun information you never knew about dogs with more than a dozen fun recipes you and your dog can enjoy.
If you love dogs of all kinds then you will love my cookbook and my YouTube channels!
I have created this Patreon account so that people who enjoy my work might be able to assist me in continuing to rescue Canines in need and to help me continue to create great content on my channels that you can benefit from and enjoy.
So, please join me and share me with your canine loving friends!
All the best to you and your pets!
And thank you for your continued support.
Please remember any amount you can give helps me help others!

Wolf Daddy

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