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You help create a fund for the writing competition. You help diversify the classroom with (intersectional) contemporary and women authors.  Enter a chance to be published and receive a thank you note every month! 
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About TheWomensPress

I’m passionate about all things justics. I realized that there are enormous deficits in our classrooms and common cultural references in regards to the praise and appropriate acknowledgment of women’s efforts and achievements. I’d like to change that with your support. 

I not only want to help bring awareness to women in the arts and those invested in social justice, but also provide opportunities for them to pursue their craft and write with a purpose (and pay them for it!) 

I want to buy materials for my classroom that reflect women’s journeys and stories. I want to even out the curriculum. 

When I was accepted to Teachers College, Columbia, and given the opportunity to move to New York, I vowed to pay it forward and give someone that same opportunity. My ultimate goal is to hire women to write full-time for my site 
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