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 As thanks for helping us maintain our insidious signal, all Patrons of all levels will have access to downloads of both versions of the theme to The Wrong Station "A Light Still On." Composed and performed by Ilan Tzitrin, and arranged on the viola and performed by Viola Schmid.

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Thank you, for helping us keep the lights off! Patrons at this tier get access to "Wrong Station Presents...", a new series where we perform classic stories written by masters of horror.



About The Wrong Station

"You may wish to adjust the dial, you're currently tuned into... The Wrong Station."

Wrong Station is a horror anthology podcast in the tradition of Quiet Please and Lights Out. Each episode is written and performed by professional writers and actors who have an intense love for the strange, the disturbing, and the bizarre.

Until now, the podcast has been created on a zero dollar budget. We love scaring our listeners, but the project has become difficult to balance with our day jobs. Your monthly donation will allow us to pay actors, writers, and help us dedicate more time creating terrifying horror, disturbing dreamscapes, and general messed-up stuff.

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