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About The X-Cast

The X-Cast: An X-Files Podcast is a show all about The X-Files, the TV show phenomenon which began in 1993 and has just returned for an all new Season 11.

I'm Tony and I started The X-Cast at the end of 2015 after the six-part event series (Season 10) was announced for early 2016. It seemed like the perfect time to create a show all about my favourite piece of entertainment in the world - a TV show I grew up adoring and, like many of us, spent almost a decade waiting to return.


The podcast began with me going through each episode chronologically, as well as forensically examining Season 10 as it aired, but in the last 18 months or more has evolved into a growing community of fellow X-Philes. We most recently completed the 'X-Cast X-Files Podwatch', where over the space of two months we released daily episodes talking the entire 200+ episode run so far of the series, and we released episodes almost daily as we covered new Season 11 content.

Aside from this, we have regular co-hosts tackle certain main episodes of previous seasons; special guests include actors involved with the show such as William B. Davis, Dean Haglund, Steven Williams, one of the show's key producers Frank Spotnitz, series composer Mark Snow and comics writer Joe Harris; we have Roundtable podcasts discussing X-Files topics, special episodes devoted to X-Files media beyond the television (books, comics, games etc...); and we have a thriving online community on Twitter & Facebook filled with conversation about the series.

As we move further into the future we're looking for The X-Cast to evolve.

That's where Patreon comes in.

That's where *you* come in.


By donating every month, you can help The X-Cast expand in exciting ways. We can pay for hosting, develop a new website, buy new & better audio equipment to enhance the listening experience, potentially entice new guests linked with the show, and launch our intended Millennium spin-off podcast, The Time Is Now, in the way we wish. Not to mention provide you, our backers, with fun and exciting bonus content which makes giving up your hard earned money all the more worthwhile.

Ultimately, while producing The X-Cast is a labour of love, the truth is it can be expensive. A break down of our monthly costs is provided below (so you can see clearly where the money goes), but simply if you can help us continue to develop and grow our podcast, you would have the eternal thanks of myself and The X-Cast team.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to, hopefully, you becoming an illustrious Patron of our show.

Remember... The Truth is in Here...


Our show is hosted on Libsyn, which provides us an excellent base with good analysis, but averages out at around $240/year.

At times interviews over Skype can cost if calling overseas numbers. Since we began, this has been around $20, but the more we do, the more this may cost.

Dropbox is an essential tool to store episode files as the editing process takes place. The amount of data necessitates purchasing the 1TB service, which costs around $110/year.

Show Prep Materials
These can be anything from X-Files books, CD's, comics and any other paraphernalia bought to cover on the show. So far at least $250 has been spent.

Patreon Fees
Do bear in mind that Patreon themselves take a chunk off the top so the amount represented here isn't what we actually get. The more patrons and the more they support, the more goes in the show.
100% complete
Once we hit this milestone amount, we plan to add more to We Made This - a network of podcast shows covering popular culture and classic TV shows, many of which feature creatives who featured on The X-Files & their many projects.

At this level, aside from The X-Cast, we will have The Time Is Now: A Millennium Podcast and later in 2019 we will have Observing the Pattern: A Fringe Podcast and The Heat Is On: A Castle Podcast. We'd love to bring this your way and expand out our podcast universe!
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