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About Mr. Cake

Hey guys, I'm theycallhimcake, and I draw pinups focusing on cute/colorful/busty characters for fun. What's neat is that, somewhere along the way, I was able to do something for fun that became one of my main sources of income.  People like it, so I keep doin' it.

Though, like any Patreon page, I could tell ya all the reasons to support me and my work: better equipment, being able to buy food, etc etc. All the usual stuff.

But honestly, I'll just keep it simple and sweet. If you wanna support me and what I do, it's all cool. If not, that's cool too. Having a lil extra money from a hobby is definitely a sweet motivator, and I've gotten so much support and validation over the years that I only wanna try harder and do better.

This Patreon is something more along the lines of a tip jar. All the content I make regarding this artwork is free for everyone, everywhere. I don't believe in paywalls for art, and as such, I've set up this as an extra thingy for people who'd like to send me a little something more. 

If you've got a buck or two, and you like boobs, you could toss it my way, provided ya feel like it. Like any other creator, I rely on your support. 

Here's a hug for you before ya head out. Thanks for visiting!

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