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About ThinMatrix

Hello everyone and welcome to my Patreon page!

My name is Karl, I'm an indie game developer, and I'm passionate about making games and videos about game development! Last year I released my nature simulation game "Equilinox", and I've now started work on a new city-builder game which I'm making using my own engine.

I've been creating videos on Youtube about game development for over 6 years now, with over 200 devlog videos documenting the development of Socuwan and Equilinox. I've also produced many tutorial videos about programming your own 3D game to help others get started with game development.

By becoming a Patron you are supporting the continuation of the videos, plus the development of my games. Patrons can receive early releases (even open source versions!) of the city-builder game every month and the top-tier Patrons get shout-outs in the videos and will appear in the credits!

Patreon charges you at the start of every month. An updated version of the game and code will also be available at the beginning of each month (on the 5th). Download links to the current version of the game and code can be found in the "Posts" section of this page as soon as you become a Patron.

Thank you!
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