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Welcome to the This Is Horror Podcast Patreon, our aim is to be SO GOOD YOU HAVE TO JOIN US.

I'm Michael David Wilson, Founder of This Is Horror, and the co-host of the This Is Horror Podcast. Joining me every week is my co-host and This Is Horror Website Manager, Bob Pastorella. I started This Is Horror Podcast to promote and spread the word about great horror in all its guises. Six years later and This Is Horror Podcast has conducted long-form conversations with more horror authors than any other podcast.

What is the This Is Horror Podcast?

This Is Horror Podcast specialises in horror fiction and the craft of writing. Each episode we have a long form conversation with a writer, publisher, or creative. We’re not only interested in the mechanics of writing but personal philosophies, life lessons, and how we can grow as people as well as writers. We've already spoken with so many wonderful writers and creatives including Joe R. Lansdale, Ellen Datlow, Victor LaValle, Gemma Files, Benjamin Percy, S.P. Miskowski, Adam Nevill, Kristi DeMeester, Craig Davidson, Kathe Koja, Paul TremblayPeng Shepherd, and Joe Hill. Over the years, we’ve also been fortunate enough to collaborate with other awesome podcasts including Booked. Podcast, Ladies of the Fright, and Castle Rock Radio. Our critical acclaim is growing, too. We’re so appreciative of all the support we’ve received from the horror fiction and wider community including LitReactor, Lounge Books, and Unnerving Magazine.

But we’re not stopping here. We’re constantly pushing ourselves and the podcast to better serve our listeners and community. We have patron-only podcasts, Story Unboxed: The Horror Podcast on the Craft of Writing and Q&A Sessions, an exclusive videocast On Camera/Off Record, and most recently we unveiled our most-requested Patreon reward the Writers' Forum on Discord

We're proud of what we've built and what we’re building.

Why You Should Become Our Patron

This is the bit where I used to tell you about our stats (over 10,000 monthly downloads and growing) and all the time and money we put into This Is Horror Podcast (I’m making it my full-time job).

But, here’s the thing, we’ve been on Patreon for almost three years now. And at first Patreon was akin to a tips jar or donations page. A way for you to say, “I love the work you’re doing with This Is Horror and I want to show my support.”

But we’ve expanded. The This Is Horror Podcast Patreon is not just a way of showing your support.

The This Is Horror Podcast Patreon is about becoming part of a wider community. Becoming a This Is Horror Podcast patron is an investment in your own development as a writer, reader, and perhaps even a human being.

Dare I be as bold as to suggest that the This Is Horror Podcast Patreon might just be the very best horror fiction membership club you’ll find for just $1. Especially now we have the Writers' Forum where you can receive feedback on stories, learn about current markets, chat about writing, reading, and so much more. 

We don’t just want people to sign up because they want to support us (though make no mistake, we’ll gladly accept people who do and are so very grateful for all your support). We want people to sign up because we deliver great patron benefits, content, and rewards. To not sign up is to miss out in a big way. 

We want to make This Is Horror Podcast Patreon SO GOOD YOU HAVE TO JOIN US.

We want to make This Is Horror Podcast Patreon the best Patreon page in horror fiction.

We want to make This Is Horror Podcast Patreon the best Patreon page in podcasts.

Hell, we want to make This Is Horror Podcast Patreon the best Patreon page on Patreon.

How we’re making This Is Horror Podcast Patreon SO GOOD YOU HAVE TO JOIN US?

Through hard work, experimentation, and constant content.

We’re giving patrons something almost daily as a reward for becoming a patron. Maybe it’s a new episode, a community discussion, a call for questions for a podcast guest, a poll to vote on what we do next, an exclusive patrons-only podcast … Maybe it’s something else entirely. But I want you to do be able to say: “On Monday I was given A, on Tuesday I was given B, and on Wednesday—gosh darn it—I was given C.”

And we often experiment. Trying different things. Sometimes failing. Always growing. Right now, the long-form conversation is This Is Horror’s speciality, but we’ve dabbled with all sorts of other formats including author-narrated fiction, Writers’ Craft Talk, and remastered podcasts. Sometimes you’ll dig the new style. Sometimes you won’t. But that’s okay. But that’s okay because always we grow. Always we learn.

Patron Benefits and Rewards

You can check out all of our tiers and benefits over in the right-hand navigation but here are the things I’m most excited about.

For just $1 per month

  • Listen in to Patrons Only Q&A episodes where Bob Pastorella and I answer ALL your questions. Ask us about craft, life, writing, horror, and personal philosophies. No topic is off limits.
  • Early bird access to every This Is Horror Podcast episode.
  • We’ll follow you on twitter because we want to see what you are up to—just send us a tweet @thisishorror and let us know you’re a patron.
  • Submit a question for each and every This Is Horror Podcast guest—this is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. We’re having conversations with some of the smartest minds and best writers within and beyond horror fiction. For just $1 (!) you can submit your questions for every guest and we’ll ask them. 
  • And now, the This Is Horror Podcast Writers' Forum on Discord—a place to chat about writing, find out about current markets, and get story help. 
    (Hey folks, Michael David Wilson, speaking from the heart here. Honestly, if I wasn’t the host of This Is Horror Podcast I would join the Patreon for this. I always try to offer Patreon rewards that I would gladly pay for. And for a price lower than the price I would pay. It’s part of the ‘so good you have to join us’ ethos. And hand on heart, I would pay so much more than $1 for this. This is a steal!)

Now before we move on, let’s talk about pledging at the $1 level.

I’ve had a few people tell me they wish they could support the This Is Horror Podcast but all they have is $1 and they’d feel bad if that was all they pledged.

Don’t feel bad.

Please pledge $1.

If we didn’t want people pledging ‘just’ $1 it wouldn’t be an option. And there’s no just about it. As soon as you pledge $1 you become part of the elite 1% who pledge to our Patreon and that makes a huge difference to This Is Horror. You become part of the family. And that means the world to us.

For $3 per month

  • You’re getting access to Story Unboxed: The Horror Podcast on the Craft of Writing. That’s a whole other podcast that we created just for you. This is for everyone who wants to go deeper and explore the mechanics of story. It’s This Is Horror meets LitReactor meets an MFA in Creative Writing in podcast form. Episodes are often 2–3 hours long. Sometimes longer. And not only do you get to hear us analyse and dissect each story or film, but you can submit questions and comments and become part of the conversation.

For $4 per month

  • You can enjoy every conversation as one episode with no adverts. At the time this was introduced, this was the number one listener-requested Patreon perk. Many of you said, “I want to hear the whole conversation, uninterrupted, with no breaks, no part one, part two, part three. Just the conversation as recorded.” And we listened, then we took things further. See, not only do you get the entire conversation in one file but you hear the entire conversation before anyone else even hears part one. So good, it's worth putting in bold. Perhaps, so good you have to join us? Best of all, it's only $4.

For $10 per month

  • Access to ‘On Camera/Off Record’ a brand new ‘post-podcast’ video where Bob Pastorella and I kick-back and reflect on the podcast we’ve just recorded and anything else that’s on our mind. This is casual, informal, and provides a more laidback intimate look into who we are. Each video is at least ten minutes long and given how much we like to talk it’s likely a lot longer than that.

So, that’s the skinny folks. We’re making the This Is Horror Podcast SO GOOD YOU HAVE TO JOIN US!

If there’s something we’re not offering that you want, then let us know. Drop me a line [email protected] or over on twitter @wilsonthewriter.

In our 250+ episodes and 6+ years This Is Horror Podcast has already come so far. But we’re not slowing down, we’re speeding up.

Thank you to everyone who’s listened, pledged, and shared an episode of This Is Horror.

Thank you for making us what we are today.

Until next time: look after yourselves, be good to one another, read horror, keep on writing …

And have a great great day!

Michael David Wilson

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We're going to release six episodes per month. No excuses.
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