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About Randy Cassingham's This is True

Provoking Thought Online Since 1994

Randy Cassingham's This is True® retells strange-but-true stories from "legitimate, mainstream" news outlets from around the world, each capped with a humorous, ironic, or opinionated comment (and, with luck, some combination of the three). On their own, the stories are pretty entertaining. But when you read the stories over time, certain themes start to emerge, and suddenly you realize there's a bigger picture. A really big picture: a new understanding of humanity begins to emerge. Yes, True is entertaining, but it's also truly thought-provoking. Both the fragility and the power of the individual becomes clearer. And you'll realize that some stories only look amusing — and you'll realize you're actually angry! But it's anger with a purpose: you'll see you have the power to stand up and demand change.

It's why so many subscribers say they'll subscribe for life.

It's smart, it's funny, it's thought-provoking. It's an independent voice appealing the the highest common denominator, unlike mega-media "social" and corporate sites trying to dictate what you should think.

So... What's Premium?

Each week's column consists of 10 or more odd stories, each with its own "slug" (title) and "tagline" (comment). There are two versions: a "Premium" (paid) edition with all of the stories (a minimum of 10), and a free edition with five stories. But it doesn't stop there: each issue — whether Premium or free — also includes a Headline of the Week; Randy's "Author's Notes" section that may discuss one of the issues raised in more detail, notes updates or corrections, and/or letters from readers; the extremely popular "Honorary Unsubscribe" (a brief obituary of someone interesting who perhaps even had a huge impact on your life — yet you may never have heard of them); and various other features. Even the free newsletter has a huge amount of entertaining and thought-provoking material. You can check out the most recent free issue here.

You get more content, and if this is successful, I can spend less time on marketing and business: a concentration on more content. Whether you want to just say thanks for the free edition or wish to promote your business on every page of True's web site, you can help This is True stay online to provide its Thought-Provoking Entertainment for years to come.

Yes, Our goal is audacious, but then, so are the benefits if we hit it: everyone gets Premium!

That's right, this has the potential for everyone to get the full newsletter on the "pay what you want" basis that's behind Patreon in the first place. And wouldn't that be awesome-sauce!

Note: Patreon will charge you immediately for this month. Subsequent charges should come on the first of each month. And thanks again!

There Are Two Ways to be a Patron of This is True: right here, through Patreon, or directly on the True web site, which means no Patreon fees off the top. Use whichever works best for youFull details of the other program here. We are joining the two programs together internally to determine whether we hit the various goals outlined, which is why we say we have met the first-level goal, even though the numbers here don't quite support that. :-)

Thank you so much for your support for This is True.

—Randy Cassingham, Founder
This is True

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At $1000, I will make the This is True web site entirely ad free. Goal Met, combining Patreon with the program on our web site (see main text for the link).

At $1750, all outside ads disappear from the email newsletter, too.

At $2500, the free edition gets the full text of the Honorary Unsubscribe, rather than having to click a link and go to the web site to read it. And at $3000, I can remove the ads from the Honorary Unsubscribe site too!

And at $6000, Everybody Gets Premium! That's right, the free distribution turns into the Premium distribution, with all the stories every week, without outside ads in the newsletter or the web site (other than Patreon messages), and everyone gets to "pay what they want" through Patreon or directly.

Would that be freaking awesome, or what?!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts

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