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Mighty Tier $3 Your mighty 3 bucks gets you the "Thing"!
Typically once a month- we will release a song, video, story, and whatever else we can think up! You'll also have exclusive access to our PATRON ONLY feed as well as access to our private FB group where we release random pics, and go live for exclusive behind the scenes content plus random instrument improv in the wee hours of the night!

-the "thing"
-access to the Patron-only Feed & FB Group where we all hang out.
-This feed includes random exclusives like photos and live streams.

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-'Bonus Bulletin' Folder!
This bulletin will be a downloadable folder filled with stuff surrounding the making of 'the thing' that is not released or available to the public; things like behind the scenes photos, scratch tracks, 'first draft' lyric's sheets, poetry, a letter with our personal thoughts about the project, what it means to us etc.




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We are This Way to the EGRESS.
An accordion wielding, tuba toting, genre-fluid band of misfit creators from the Tri-State area.
(Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York) 
we are here to make music.
we'd like to make it with you.

Since 2008 Tyrant Taylor & Lady Egress have been solidifying the band's reputation as a rowdy and eclectic- immersive musical experience. While doing so, EGRESS has cultivated an inclusive community of folks where everyone, especially weirdos, feels accepted and celebrated.

We have been operating full steam ahead as a 100% DIY entity which means we are beholden to our art and our fans and not the industry. We have self-released 5 full-length albums and a 6th on the brink, a slew of EP's, several music videos, audiobooks, original scores to both movies and audiobooks, and even our own Zine. We have played hundreds upon hundreds of shows, have toured throughout the US & UK, and have played every type of venue imaginable.  We have shared the stage with amazing acts and friends such as The Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Dresden Dolls, Armitage Shanks of Circus Contraption, Voltaire,  and the World Inferno Friendship Society to name a few. We have done this all without any backing from the industry. and solely with our eclectic community of fans and friends. 

We launched this Patreon in August 2018 and so far we have made all of this together
Thing #1- Songs From Tin Can Alley (Ep)
Thing #2- Yeah Yeah Yeah (MP3)
Thing #3- Mission Mars, A Bowie/Holst mashup (MP3)
Thing #4- Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark (Audiobook & score)
Thing #5- A Spaghetti Western Christmas (Original Audiobook)
Thing #6- Man Of Constant Sorrow Cover (MP3)
Thing #7- It Ain't Easy, Missin' The Big Easy (EP)
Thing #8- House Of the Rising Sun Cover (MP3)
Thing #9- Songs From Tin Can Alley (Full-Length CD)
Thing #10- Whiskey On My Grave, A reimagining (MP3)
Thing #11- Darlin' Original EGRESS Song (MP3 & Music Video)
Thing # 12- RazzleDazzle w/ friend Cory Feldman (MP3)
Thing #13- New Album Tunes, End is Nigh & Lights Out (MP3)
Thing #14- New Album Tune, Gravedigger (MP3)
Thing #15- More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (Audiobook & original score)
Thing #16- New Album Tune Spider Song (MP3)
Thing #17- New Album Tune, Skin & Bone (MP3)
Thing #18- New Album Tune, Knock Knock (MP3)
Thing #19- RELAUNCH release!! Original Patron Only Tune~ If All Else Fails~ along with a Patron-Only lapel pin.
** All of these releases come with a variety of exclusive patron-only content like behind the scenes, lyric's videos, documentaries, webcasts, Acapella Mp3’s, and physical merch where applicable.

So here we are, you have read this far and are still with us. Take the next step and join our krewe.  A contribution as small as $3 is only $36 a whole year and goes an incredibly long way to keep us making independent music for the masses. If you like what we do, if you enjoy our shows, our songs, and our music, please consider joining this community and we will continue to make more music.

***Still not convinced? Have more questions? Check out a more detailed description about Patreon and who we are below*** 

What Is Patreon!? 
It is a place in the inter-world where we can invest in the things we want to see made. It is where we can take what matters into our own hands. There is something liberating (albeit at times terrifying) about that sentiment. The people have the power to be a part of the things they want to see made. Patreon is a way to join your favorite creator's community and assist them with backing for making the stuff you and others love. 

What We Do.
Taylor & Myself- (along with everyone in our band) juggle a full-time creative project with full/part-time 'day' jobs. Sometimes we are working 80+ hours a week between the two which is how we have managed to release a butt-load of content while also managing youth orchestra's, teaching 9-year-olds how to play Fur Elise, taking odd jobs, bar-tending, waiting tables, and the like. It is a labor of love, it is exhausting and at times not the best thing for our minds, bodies, or spirit but that comes with the territory when you are an independent outfit and don't have management. That is why Patreon is so paramount for us, it takes away the stress of "How are we gonna get the funding to do our next project?"

Why this matters.
When you're a child, everyone tells you to dream big. What they don't tell you is that as you get older that changes. They often want you to compromise. More times than not, the arts are looked at as extracurricular; a past time and certainly not a means to make a living. Expendable.
WE. (and our Patreon community) DON'T.FEEL.THAT.WAY.
Music, art, poetry and invention are the very things that define cultures, eras, and human nature. In a system where those programs are cut from schools and grant funding is slashed every year, where the cost of living keeps going up and people figure 'why pay $15 dollars for a cd when I can stream it for free' there must be folks leading the charge and leaving things for the future generations to aspire to create. The internet tossed the arts for a loop and while it's recovering and the pendulum is swinging back around, it needs folks like you to keep it going. 

What your contribution does. 
Operating as a fully independent unit leaves you thrifty, we can (and have) made a lot of 'things' but some 'things' cost more than others to make. Some 'things' cost more than the financial backing it takes and costs us in time off from our "bread and butter" jobs, sleep, comfort, stability, and mental wellness. However, our little creator economy doesn't just feed us, it feeds other creators as well. Your contribution will be the first stone in a pond that makes a ripple.
For example,
  • Our producer, Dan Shatzky is by far one of our favorite human beings. He built his studio with his own hands and made it an amazing space for musicians to create. Every album we (and other artists) do with him helps him keep his doors open. His integrity and honesty is a rare gem in this industry, he has done albums for Balkan Beatbox, Gogol Bordello, World Inferno and we want to see and hear him make many more awesome albums. The magic of the best albums out there is from the musician and producer connection. We can't let that art get lost. 
  • our music videos. Every video we work with the aspiring new filmmakers.  When we have a  proper budget for these things, we are able to pay them and give them a launch pad. They can take the money from these side jobs and invest into better equipment and the projects they'd like to see happen. Others can make more 'things' - Things that will inspire people. Things that matter and color life. 
  • We get all of our merch from an amazing company called Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations. The owner went to high school with Taylor and started his company in a shed in his parent's back yard. He has now expanded for the 4th time. The quality is amazing and LVAC is the definition of the 'American dream'. Starting a business with your hard work, sweat, and fury and slowly rising through the ranks. We are honored to be a part of their journey. We want to keep giving him our business, he is a huge supporter of the local music, art, and DIY business scene where we live
  • It. Goes. On. And. On, to illustrators and photographers, to dancers and performers, we pay it forward by turning our funding into projects that employ others thus creating a small artsy economy. 
Simply put, the funding your Patreon membership offers doesn't end with us. 

Per Thing verses Per Month
As of now we are choosing to charge 'Per Thing'
At the start it is we feel this is the best choice for us as creators and you as our patrons. Sometimes life get's busy, people get ill, we tour, or simply we need a bit of personal time. If we don't release an 'official thing' you won't be charged. Our personal goal is to release about a thing per month once this ball gets rolling but we understand our industry well enough to know that in the beginning we will be watching ours and your backs and keep ourselves accountable by only charging you when we have something substantial to give you in return.

What if we are on a roll and release more than one thing you ask?

The folks at Patreon are doing a great job of tweaking things as this newer platform grows
moves along and they have a super awesome Monthly Cap option. So if you are like us and on a super fixed budget and can only afford to throw us $3 a month, set that as your cap and if we make more than one thing a month you won't be charged more and if we put nothing out, no one will be charged. You won't lose any access to the 'things' because hell, we are all in this together. The idea is to make this sustainable for each other. We are grateful for everything we are assisted in creating.  The neat thing about it is, as life changes, you can change. You can change, adjust or remove your pledge to the arts at anytime.

We are aware that there are a lot of worthy causes to be contributing to now-a-days and we don't take for granted that you deem our art and this community as one of them. Thank you for reading this novel, being a part of our cause and deeming it worthy of your time, energy and support. 
Let's do this!

so much love & fury,
your humble friends
Taylor, Sarah & those darn EGRESS kids.

$587.70 of $750 per creation
When we release this goal we will record a "Cover Song's Album" where we take patron suggestions and add some of our favorite covers and we will press it to a physical CD with a sleeve of some of our favorite album art, re-created by members of EGRESS.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 121 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 121 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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