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If you write any posts and want some advice or thoughts before it's posted then shoot it over to me!

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You guys are great and I really appreciate it!

As a result, I will move posts that you have written to the start of the section (remind me if I forget).

I'm also happy to schedule a call every so often to talk about whatever you want. Great for those that are looking to get into digital forensics. 

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Im a digital forensics analyst that compiles all the DFIR news that I can find each week
This centres around forensic analysis, threat hunting, malware analysis, as well as presentations, upcoming webinars and software updates/releases. 

Now, for those of us that are time poor I've put together a monthly podcast for the links that I think you should know about if you don't get to read the weekly. 

Thanks to all the readers! and listeners to the podcast :D
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I'll do a live stream of my 'joining the dfir community' presentation from enfuse 2018

You'll learn a bit about me and my journey, and how and why you should get started!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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