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About This Week in Photo

For the better part of a decade, This Week in Photo (TWiP) has been consistently publishing quality podcasts for photographers of all skill levels, around the world. Millions of photographers have downloaded TWiP podcasts, and watched our YouTube videos over the years.

The response has been amazing! But it costs money to keep things rolling, so — we need revenue.

If everyone in the audience donated just $2 a month, we’d be in fantastic shape - that’s literally just pocket change per show! And if you splurge and opt for the $5 a month level, we can really spread our podcasting wings.

So pledge what you feel the network is worth to you. If you can’t (or don't want to) support us on Patreon, I totally understand! There are lots of other ways to support TWiP — including;

1. Joining our TWiP PRO Community at
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3. Just telling folks about us! Spread the TWiP word!
But if you can, we hope you'll consider backing TWiP here on Patreon.
Thanks for helping us continue to create a great resource for photographers worldwide.

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Upgrade the computer I record TWiP on. Faster machine, second display! This will up the quality of the content I produce as well as allow me to get things done faster.
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