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About Thomas Klein

Hi all, I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Thomas, I'm a french graduated conceptor developer, I was the lead developer in an agency of expert of Magento.
I've started to work on Magento 2 since the bêta version.
Till, I have built many websites and modules, as the GDPR module made by the Opengento association.

I'm a Magento enthuisiast!
  • Good practices: Addict, I continually improve myself and I'm not affraid of QA.
  • Contributor: when I can improve some open source code or I that can help someone, I run phpstorm and git to create a pull request!
  • Curious: I like to discover the new frameworks, how they works and which technologies and architectures they provided.
  • Great adventurer: I like to spare my time to read code and repositories on github.
  • Studious: I'm interested in design pattern and software engineering.

Open source is an incredible world to share knowledge and learning. Contributing and publish free components, is how I can feel a right citizen to this nation. But the real world expects you to do this in your spare time...

My curated list of the free modules for Magento 2 I have published on packagist:

opengento/module-gdpr: GDPR Compliance for Magento 2

blackbird/installschemagenerator: [archived][deprecated] Convert a database schema to setup script for Magento 2
blackbird/module-catalog-default-qty: Allows to define a default value in the qty field of the storefront products for Magento 2
blackbird/library-phone-number: A library to manage phone number for Magento 2

Thomas Klein:
tklein/php-combine-conditions: It does not has real use-case, it more like a playground

I have many projects in sights, my goal is to publish many free modules for Magento 2. Feel free to send me suggestions. But shhhht! It's a secret!

You can support me if you want to, but it's fine if you don't want, I still like you ;)

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