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The monthly podcast contains quick spoiler free reviews of everything I watch each month, some additional insight about each video I publish, and an update on what I'm working on next.

In the discord you can ask me questions, chat about movies, TV, filmmaking, my videos, and interact with other patrons!
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  • Early Access to Videos
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• Updates on my filmmaking and other creative projects. BTS, writing, clips, etc. You'll be the first to know about whatever I'm working on. No set schedule, content will be released as it's generated. 

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About Thomas Flight

Thomas Flight?

I make video essays about Film and TV (and occasionally other things like ads for a failed sodamemes, and the Netflix personalization algorithms).

Our culture consumes more visual media than ever before, and my goal is to make videos that help you better understand the visual language and artistry behind the things you watch.


Researching, writing, shooting, and editing regular content for my channel is a full time job. So if you feel like my videos have provided you with value and you want to be a part of helping me to continue making videos, Patreon is the most direct way for you to do that. I also make money from sponsorships and YouTube ad revenue, but those forms of income are highly dependent on views. Having your direct support means I have more freedom to pursue topics and ideas that I think are important, but that might perform as well with the algorithm. 

What do you get?

(The rewards stack, so all tiers include the lower tier rewards as well.)

For $3:
You get access to an exclusive "What I've Been Watching" podcast, where I talk more about each topic I cover in my videos, behind the scenes stuff, upcoming videos, and reviews of movies and TV I'm watching. You'll also get access to the Thomas Flight Patreon Discord server where I hang out and chat.

For $5:
You get early access to most videos. As often as I can I'll upload links to rough drafts or the final video early and you'll get to see it before anyone else.

You'll also get access to an archive of over 60 bonus videos and movie reviews.

Some of the bonus videos you'll get access too:
  • Mad Max: Fury Road - Near To Far Narrated Version
  • Light and Shadow in Darkest Hour
  • Malick's Obsessions Supplementary Material
  • Supplementary Material and Deleted Scene for "How Damien Chazelle Crafts and Ending"
  • Selah in Film. Bonus Patreon Mini-Essay
  • Greg Sestero Full Uncut Interview
  • Bohemian Rhapsody's Editing - Deleted Scene

For $10: 
You'll get updates on my filmmaking and other creative projects. Occasional behind the scenes, writing, clips, etc. You'll be the first to know about whatever I'm working on. This content has no set schedule, it will be released as it's generated.

For $25:
Your name or handle will get a special thank you mention in the end credits. 


All the money I make through Patreon goes straight towards the creation of more and better content on my channel. Equipment, research material, production cost, and other channel related expenses. 

Thank You!

Even if you don't choose to support me financially your views and attention are why I bother making videos in the first place. Thanks for sticking around. I appreciate it!

100 - reached! patrons
When I hit this goal I will do a Top 25 Favorite Movies video available for all Patrons!
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