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Hi, everyone! I'm a fine artist and photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. If you’re new here, you may want to visit my homepage:

All updates suspended until further notice:
My Patreon account didn't get me anywhere. In fact, I spent more time advertising the service than doing actual work. I've watched videos on the subject and did everything Patreon suggested: created tiered rewards (which I've since deleted), constantly updated content, bothered EVERYONE I know about my Patreon-age, and above all - I did not - and I can't stress this enough - I did not expect to be a millionaire or anything like it.
After more or less six months I'm exactly where I started with zero followers. Which is perfectly fine, except the time I wasted on a service built to extract money from artists rather than help them (my opinion - yours may differ). 
Why so bitter? For instance - when you go to the Patreon's 'top photographers', the slots are occupied by pornstars (sic!) and cosplayers. For a 10% cut, what exactly is Patreon doing for me? Not much. PayPal donation costs me less. 
Yes, yes, I've read the TOS: 'Patreon users are expected to drive traffic to Patreon, not vice versa'. Of course. Patreon could do 'something', just a little. Anything, in fact. But they won't. All the more reasons to stop wasting my time and do some creative work :)
PS - As I'm constantly updating my content and my website, I've deleted my previous Patreon posts, since they're no longer relevant. 

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