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Hi there!
You probably found this page because you’re either a longtime supporter or because you just found my work. No matter how you found this patreon, I wanted to thank you for taking interest in me and my work, it really means a lot to me. I am able to live my dream thanks to everyone who supported me all these years.

If you have no idea who I am yet, my name is Thomas Kellner and I am an artist and fine art photographer from Siegen, Germany. I am best known for my photographs of seemingly dancing architectural exteriors and interiors of tourist attractions from all over the world. The method I use to create my art is called “visual analytical synthesis” in which I do not take one shot but several thoughtfully planned ones in order to create a picture out of contact sheets, which makes my work unique.

This patreon account will allow me to get in touch with my most faithful supporters. You will also be able to share thoughts and discussions with the community. Besides every supporter will get an exclusive look into my studio and work. Most importantly you help me create more art for you to enjoy. You will assist me with covering organizational costs, costs for printing, transportation as well as maintaining the studio.

I am currently working on multiple projects. My most recent project Fluticulus is scheduled to be launched or at least partially launched in spring 2021.  
Only here you can get exclusive previews of my latest projects, for example early sketches and a look at my works in progress.

What I do

1. Create Art
As already mentioned the method I use to create my art makes it one of a kind, my photographs are multi-perspective set. Each motif is defined by single unaltered images that were captured by distinctive frames on the photo camera. Afterwards detailed images are added, while I closely follow a predetermined and orderly sketch. The appearing filmstrips are realigned to create the final result, that can consist of multiplied shots with a varying number between 36 to 2160.

2. Show, publish and represent
From the first sketch to the finished product all work steps are handled and organized by myself. I also take care of distribution of my photographs and organization of exhibitions. Besides that, I stay in close contact with the galleries and museums that are currently taking care of my work.

3. Work in my Studio
All of my work, aside from the photoshoots, is done in my studio in Siegen. It does not only serve as my workspace since 1998, but as a vibrant place open to other artists besides me. More than 300 artists from all over the world and each continent exhibited their works here. I host two shows in my studio annually namely an Open Studio as well as the group exhibition Two Seven, in which seven fellow artists take the spotlight. The educational aspect of my work as an artist is something I hold in high regard, which the reason and motivation for me to work as a curator. Besides it is also my reasoning for giving interested young people (10-20 per year) the chance to work with me via an internship in my studio. Above all these great events, the studio serves as a place of inspiration for myself and others.

You are of course not obligated to gift me something via patreon, but know that even the smallest gesture will go a long way. Furthermore, you can become an important part in the realization of my projects and exchange thoughts and opinions with me and likeminded people.
Thank you!

$3 of $1,000 per month
A monthly patronage of $1000 would allow me to hire a part time assistant, who will help me with managing my paper work.

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