Thomas is creating Paintings, Drawing, Lego creations


$1 /mo
Just for being so wonderful and donating, you get a digital postcard. It'll be an image of my latest WIP, or finished piece. Lucky you.


$5 /mo
For $5 you can get a small painting, drawing or lego piece. Approx 10cm max dimensions. Each unique and handmade. Plus the Plan tier postcard.


$15 /mo
How about a Lego brooch, lovingly designed and crafted? They're all unique and you get to pick the colour and design.

Plus the Plan and Build tier rewards.


$25 /mo
This tier is a little special, and a limited run. For this, I'll make a mini sculpture and send you photos of it being made.


$50 /mo
Okay that was a chunk of money. You've just made my day, week, month, etc. For this I will happily send you substantial piece of art, or a set of Lego creations. We can discuss.

Plus the Plan, B...



$100 /mo
YOU. You just funded a whole new painting, I believe. Would you like one? They're kinda big. I guess you can pick what you want. Including the previous Plan, Build, Mask and Paint tier rewards.