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(This tier title is borrowed? stolen? from CGP Grey, who is awesome.)  Patrons at this tier get to feel much better about their choice to run ad-blocking software on YouTube and everywhere else, and in this way depriving creators of their fractional cents of ad money. 

We have made the conscious choice not to have tons of tiers, though we will probably eventually add a higher-level tier where you can request a video analysis of a particular passage or text. Be on the lookout for that. 



About Thomasson Morris Instruction

Hi! Welcome! 

We are Cheryl and Andrew, and we are public high school English teachers in North Carolina, USA. We've spent the last 7 years creating resources for our own students and students around the world to help them have success in their English classes, from middle school through college. We have videos to help with research writing, literary analysis, and audiobooks that we have recorded ourselves of many of the most commonly assigned texts.

(Here are some audiobook examples: 1984 // Night // The Great Gatsby // Animal Farm)

Our recording costs aren't super high, but paying for equipment, video editing software, and subscription to the Adobe suite of apps isn't free. We would also like to step up our production value in a new series of videos that show close reading strategies and analyses done by educational professionals on many of the same commonly read texts. 

So: if you want to support our work of making cool videos to help people learn, that's super cool. Our videos will stay free on YouTube and DailyMotion, regardless of whether you can afford to donate.

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