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Explore your Imagination
Thorium is a platform for running live-action role-play starship bridge simulations. Participants are given roles on the ship, like weapons officer, navigator, or captain. Each role comes with its own computer station and responsibilities. The crew uses the Thorium controls to direct the ship wherever they want in their space mission. A flight director sits behind the scenes to act as a game master, controlling what happens inside the simulation.

It's up to you to decide your destiny. Will you explore alien ruins? Negotiate with a hostile pirate ship? Research a star as it explodes or a rogue black hole? You choose what happens.

What features does Thorium provide?
  • A flexible platform for running space experiences.
  • Scriptable mission timelines allowing for step-by-step automated actions.
  • Configurable simulators to enable different types of missions.
  • A dynamic viewscreen, automatically changing to whatever is most relevant to the crew.
  • Runs in a web browser. If your computer can run the latest Chrome, you can run Thorium.
  • Built-in assets and access to additional downloadable content.
  • Over 70 different assignable screens, with more being added on a regular basis.
What will we do with Patreon funds?
  • Spend more time developing Thorium.
  • Create learning content for flight directors and developers.
  • Create more downloadable content, like assets, missions, and simulator configs.
  • Expand the scope of Thorium to make it more successful for educational and corporate training flights.
  • Add more depth to the simulation with advanced features:
    • A universal star map for navigation.
    • Universal contact tracking.
    • A real-time 3D exterior viewscreen.
    • Artificially intelligent NPC spaceships.
    • An internal ship map, depicting crew movement.
Want to try it out yourself? Thorium is free to download at Want to chat with the community? Join us on Discord.

$27 of $12,500 per month
When I reach $12,500 per month, I'll quit my job and work on Thorium full-time. It's a lofty goal.
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