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About Thorn Mooney

Hello, friends! My name is Thorn Mooney, and I’m a witch, writer, teacher, musician, and sometimes-artist living in the American South. You may know me from my ten years making videos for the YouTube Pagan community, from my articles on Patheos Pagan, my column in Witches & Pagans Magazine, Instagram, or from my own books and articles with Llewellyn Worldwide. If you’re new to me and my work, welcome!

I’m a priestess, a traditional covenleader, a tarot reader, and a lifelong student of the Western Mysteries. I hold a masters degree in religious studies with an emphasis on Paganism and witchcraft and am finishing up a second masters in creative writing and English literature. I’ve presented my scholarly work at national conferences, and I’ve traveled all over the United States to lecture and lead workshops on witchcraft, magic, magical history, writing and record keeping, and tarot. I’m passionate about what I do, and am committed to fostering a sense of enchantment in a world that I believe desperately needs magic.

I produce plenty of content for newcomers, but I specialize in offering intermediate and advancing witches thoughtful prodding on issues that often get taken for granted. I’m also a bit of a skeptic, so I’m not afraid to look at things with more objectivity and like to challenge longheld beliefs and practices popular in our communities. I don’t believe in mastery and I don’t put much stock in talent. Instead, I offer the opportunity to grow as a community, the hard-earned lessons of years of practice in multiple traditions, and a willingness to explore without fear.

Why Patreon?
I believe in what many occultists call the Great Work. I believe that we each have our own talents, proclivities, and internal drives, which push us to achieve in the world. We all have a purpose in life, and serving the Craft is mine. This Patreon is designed both to give me more freedom in my creative pursuits, and also to create a limited, more intimate space for discussion for folks who are interested in the same subjects. I have worked a “straight job” my whole life, but I’ve always know that my true calling lies in my witchcraft, my writing, and my growing connection with witch and Pagan communities, both online and out there in meatspace. Bringing in an income through my work in these communities means that I’m not so dependent on the jobs I do out in the mundane world. For you, that means more videos, more blogs, more books, more events, and all of them of higher quality.

What’s In It For You?
For the cost of what amounts to two or three Starbucks beverages a year, you’ll get access to blogs, essays, stories, images, and videos that no one else gets to see. And more of them! And, because they’re produced for a more intimate audience, I can be a little more revealing and go into greater depth. If you’ve ever gotten the impression that I’m holding back in other blogs and videos, it’s because I am! I can also interact with you directly through commenting, which is usually too difficult on larger platforms like YouTube and Instagram. That means I can actually answer questions in depth, we can argue over books together, and I can share more ridiculous stories over the course of my own development as a witch and magician. You'll also get to see my more experimental work (i.e. what isn't marketable for popular publication, isn't polished enough for my current platforms, or is just weird, overly intimate, has too much swearing, or is not otherwise suited for wider consumption), including fiction. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to participate in two separate book clubs: one for specifically academic texts related to witchcraft and the occult, and one with the practitioner in mind, focusing on contemporary traditions, developing a personal practice, and some of the latest books to hit the shelves. Book clubs focus live discussion, though I've made reading guides for certain titles where that has proved to be fruitful (and these can be accessed at any time).

Being a Patron
All monthly contributors have equal access to my Patreon content, so that you have the option to pay only what you can afford. Whether you can spare $1 or $10, I am grateful for your support. Every bit helps, and the money you contribute helps to keep me afloat so that I have more time and space to do more research, write more, and travel to give workshops at events (which *overwhelmingly* do not pay presenters or even cover travel expenses). I also aspire to pay it forward as a patron to other magical content creators, which is one of my goals in the coming new year. You can also adjust your contribution from month to month as you desire, no questions asked.

You will be automatically charged at the beginning of each month, and can leave at any time. Please be aware that all patrons are charged upon joining, regardless of where that falls during the month! This means that if you join on November 29, you will be charged for November on the 29th. There is no discount for becoming a patron later in a month. You will be charged again on December 1 for December. If you want to ensure that your charges are spaced out, consider pledging toward the beginning of a month! This is a Patreon setting, and not something I control.

Thank you for visiting and encouraging me to do what I do! 

Oh, and one more thing! Please note that, while I love to encourage discussion and share space with patrons of diverse backgrounds, some things are non-negotiable: this space strives to be anti-racist, trans-inclusive, feminist, and otherwise supportive of LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and neurodivergent peoples. While allyship is a process, and mistakes will surely happen, this is the default position of this Patreon and debate otherwise will not be entertained. Period.

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