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There are other perks too like:
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About Those Conspiracy Guys

On the 11th September 2014 Those Conspiracy Guys was launched with the podcast and accompanying website. Since then it has grown to a chart topping, award winning, multi million downloaded podcast with some of the most dedicated (and opinionated) fans in the podcast world. It was a dream of mine to have this podcast as my job and with your kind support, it has become a reality. TV and Radio appearances; podcast appearances; reviews and write-ups in hugely popular publications like NME, The Guardian, and The Sun; and multiple awards for the podcast and the website have cemented TCG as one of the top shows in the genre :)

The show has changed over the years, with guests and presenters coming and going and the scope of the research and content growing into something that is unique in the podcast world. I wanted to foster deep conversation around these well-worn topics and to catalog and compile a conspiracy compendium of all of the available information out on the internet. It is first and foremost a comedy show but the content is scraped from what is left of the open internet but now includes books, documentaries, and even first hand interviews with the people involved. 2019 is a very different informational landscape from when the show was developed in 2014. Conspiracy Theory is classified as 'domestic terrorism' these days!

I do want to talk about everything and anything and no topic is too outlandish (except the ones with really good lawyers) but our back catalog has some heavy hitters like The Vatican and Holocaust Denial. I want to examine history from a new perspective and use different accounts of well known events, personalities and famous conspiracy theory topics and tell a story that is palatable for everyone. I want to make it comfortable for beginners and juicy enough to satisfy the long term conspiracy fans.

There is an amazing community of fans around this show now too and people are connecting and conversing on all our social media. Its like an examination by committee nowadays and if I miss something in the show I can be sure that there is someone out there that will have the knowledge to fill in the gaps. TCG fans are congregating on our socials but a fantastic community of Patreon supporters are on the TCG Discord server (details are below) The show has often been reviewed as 'listening to a bunch of my mates talking about conspiracies' and I want to trawl through all the info I can find on a topic and synthesise it into a palatable, relatable, funny, friendly and entertaining format all while keeping the research top notch and the information flowing.

Ive been down the rabbit hole since 2000 and Ive watched it all transpire; and Ive never been more confused :) I like to think my longevity in the conspiracy game has allowed me to remain balanced and be able to argue both sides of the tale rather than succumbing to the die-hard tin foil hat merchants and poorly crafted sci-fi stories that now litter the internet. The digital content surge in the past few years has flooded the space with partisan content creators and I want TCG to be a different vibe and to be able to bring you classic and modern conspiracy theories and true crime stories that you may already know and some you might not!

Patreon is the life blood of TCG and is my main income to be able to continue this show full time. The different kinds of shows I produce now make it perfect for sharing exclusive content here on Patreon and the sheer amount of TCG stuff that is out there right now means no one will have to go without! I want my Patreon supporters to get exclusive access to some content and early access to everything and all be AD FREE for Patreon supporters.

The types of content include:
  • The Deep Dive Podcast Episodes are the informational scaffolding the show is built on. These range from high concept conspiracies like the global banking system and all the moving parts that topic covers; to conspiracy celebrities like Nikola Tesla and Charlie Manson; to cryptozoological topics like Bigfoot; or examinations of cults and religions like The Mormons and Heavens Gate; to suspicious celebrity deaths like Kurt Cobain and Princess Diana.
  • The True Crime Episodes are examinations of serial killers and murder cases that I think need a bit of a deeper dive to fully understand the complexities and history of these cases. The story is the most important thing for me and the popularity of True Crime at the moment means there needs to be more than a retelling of internet facts in a true crime story.
  • Livestreams are the video versions of the podcast episodes mentioned above. We will record and stream the podcast as it is recorded int he studio and Patreon supporters can watch along and send messages as the show goes on. This video will be then made available in its entirety to Patreon supporters only. I will have certain clips and 'good bits' from each show on the YouTube channel, but from now on the LiveStreams are for Patreon folks only and can be viewed on our Vimeo channel
  • SwapCasts where I partner with another content creator or podcaster to do a kind of cross over episode where I can look at their content topic with a conspiracy lens and we can discuss information from more than just a conspiracy theory ideology.
  • Interviews with the authors and first hand researchers into the topics we discuss. I know I have blind spots and lack of knowledge about certain topics and many writers and researchers in the conspiracy world have reached out with their work for consideration. I hope to do many more of these interviews from 2019 onward
  • Videos and Documentaries are a huge part of my process as I learn loads from audio with visuals and I love a good crazy conspiracy doc too. I have loads of the docs I watched as source material for the podcast on our Bitchute channel and I make loads of videos myself on these topics. These will all be exclusively available for Patreon supporters for a certain time before being made public. The TCGTV extra content will be exclusive to Patreon and GoFundMe supporters only and available as links through Discord and here on Patreon.
  • Live Chats are a great way for us to have conversations about current events and breaking news. I use GetVokl now to do these chats where I host a conversation, like a Skype call, online and I am joined by fans of the show. Patreons get top priority access and all the tiers are allocated by GetVokl. Its like a more unprepared version of the podcast with Patreon supporters as the guest. I do plan to do one at least once per month and hopefully more if the time allows.
  • Source Articles are one of my priorities as the show move forward into Season 8. The website had about 100 articles with some links to topics talked about in the episodes; but I found them lacking the integrity of other content online and wanted to improve them. From each episode of the podcast I get dozens of smaller topics to dive into; for the main episodes it can sometimes be up to 100 extra tangents that could be explained in an article, video or live chat. At my last count I have 6600 of this kind of subject matter that can dive deeper into the topics we have already covered. Thanks to a Wordpress Patreon plugin I will be able to make these exclusive to Patreon before they go live to everyone else.

Thank you so much for your support of this show and of my ideas and effort! I really appreciate it and I strive to produce the best content I can and to be as informed and educated as time allows. I would rather be great than be first and the hyper-fast news cycle that we are subjected to these days means that I might be slow off the mark; but when it does come, its considered, analysed and deeply discussed. 

The show only exists because of your support and I hope you find everything you want on this Patreon page. Some of the things aren't super easy to find, but hopefully with the above instructions and a quick skim through the past posts, you'll be able to figure it out without much hassle. If you need anything, just send me a DM here and thanks again for your support! <3

2,117 of 2,500 patrons
This amazing contribution means that we can pay to get help editing and shooting our videos and get some gear to make them look more polished. It means we can also travel with a crew and start making videos outside in the real world and get to really spread our wings. It will also facilitate the recording of more podcasts with an editor on board who will take a huge burden off my shoulders and free me up for more research and recording times.
We will also use these resources to get a better hosting package for the website and the podcast and even be able to launch an app where you can download all this Patron content, the secret shows made just for Patreon folk and all the old backlog episodes. You can also get notifications of new episode and video straight to the app.
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