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About suprihmbé

Welcome. I go by suprihmbé. On Twitter I'm @thotscholar. My cashtag is $suprihmbe.

Excerpt of Crossroads: Lucky Hand, Episode One

thotscholar: a working theory of proheaux (woman)ism [1] [revised 2019]: this post is apparently what I'm most known for among non-cyber bullies. I posted a different dome-version of it on Medium in 2016/2017(?), and it took off and was cited a bunch of places.

heauxthots: Defined/Definers: My thoughts on common terminology around erotic labor & trafficking: This was a pretty popualr piece when I published it, it's about terminology. I like language, it's one of my things, so you should check it out.

A New Sex Positivity Dichotomy: I was asked to address whether and how feminist and queer movements at times create a false distinction between the “agency/empowerment” of sex work and the “oppression/coercion” of sex trafficking.
This Patreon was created to help fund me as I move away from sex work as my main source of income and write my first book about proheaux womanism and what it means to me.

Okay, so that didn't happen the way I thought it would. I actually ended up publishing a fantasy-ish queer poetry book titled libra season, which you can grab on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Pardon my links, I'm poor. On the way to finishing my book about proheaux (woman)ism, I decided to take *another* break and publish the hoodoo fantasy serial Crossroads because I was feeling a lot of ways after being doxxed and cyber harassed, and generally I wanted to move away from certain ideas and it felt like it would result in a power struggle with certain people who were invested in my book. I compromised on my ampersands in libra season and it was a really big deal that I downplayed. I don't wanna compromise as much as I did before, no shade to my former editor. I just found it really hard to assert myself in that situation. 

So here I am with Crossroads, and I'm hoping y'all love it. It's got sex, erotic labor, polyamory/duogamy, love, lust, lay linguistics, thoughts on childhood and adulthood, weird ways of birthing, the end of paternity, secret children, affairs, intense friendships, black metafictional narrative, style, flavor, taste. You can read the excerpt of the first episode, here. My working definition of proheaux womanism has been cited in articles, presentations, and dissertations. I have written articles for Wear Your Voice Magazine and Autostraddle, among others, and have had my work reposted on Afropunk and Everyday Feminism. I started a blog called heauxthots in October 2016, and started writing my book this past April. I wrote an article for Yale's LPE blog in September 2019 that you can read here.

I have been struggling to leave sex work completely--not out of shame. I am tired of fighting from the inside and I would rather advocate for other workers. I have dealt with hella misogynoir while working, both on and offline. I am tired of struggling against laws and cops and racist clients and classist sex workers, and I wanna do work that I enjoy, and sex work just isn't enjoyable on that level for me anymore. However, I know I may have a few years before I am able to quit completely (financially). The goal of this Patreon is to cover my basic needs and then, hopefully, to make it so that I can be fully indie--as an artist/writer.

I own a one-woman LLC that I am trying to get off the ground. As I move into the upper tiers I will be devoting more time and effort to my indie press, bbydoll press LLC. BBYDOLL PRESS is a proheaux womanist indie press. The goal is to publish fiction, poetry and nonfiction by Black and indigenous people of color that is queer-focused, trans-inclusive, and sex worker friendly or centered. 

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Reaching this goal will allow me to be able to write and create on an almost full time basis, while covering almost all of my basic needs as far as bills are concerned. I might even be able to afford a little bit of extra childcare and actually get to see the city I live in LOL
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