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About Thought Slime

Who is this ding dong?

Thought Slime, wow, what an appropriate title.

It's a YouTube channel which makes little boner cartoons for leftoids.

It is run by the King of all Cucks, and he does his very best to make sure to spread his ooey-gooey cultural marxist SJW goobledegook all over your brain.

He calls himself an "anarcho-communist", whatever that means. How can you be both?

Anyway, all of his videos are just cringey SJW bullshit.

~* Here's an example *~

Wow, how embarrassing.

I know, right? Now he wants YOUR hard earned money.

That's right! What a hypocrite! He hates capitalism, and yet, still requires money to buy things. Honestly, I can't believe how little self awareness he is displaying. 

What's he even gonna do with it?

He'll probably blow it all on new equipment to keep churning out his garbage, useless junk like:
  • An XLR mic 
  • A camera
  • Lighting equipment 
  • A new PC for editing and live streaming
  • Soundproofing his recording space

If he has any leftover, who knows? Probably waste it all on rent, groceries, cat-food, and other useless privileges.

Is he even gonna give me anything for this?

Pffft. Barely.

If you give him $1/month he'll probably just give you access to a special role and channel on his Discord server where you can learn about new content as it's being created.

If you give him $5/month he'll give you the discord garbage, and a shoutout at the end of one of his dumb little videos.

If you actually give him $10/month (Holy shit! How entitled can he be?) he'll give you that stuff, and include a little drawing of you in his credits. Who cares? He's not even a good artist, his linework is all wobbly and he doesn't know anything about anatomy. Don't bother.

Where does this guy get off charging for this bullshit?

I couldn't agree more!

He's probably the type of uber-cuck who's happy "just because you're watching" and appreciates everyone regardless of whether or not they fork over cash for his content. Ugh.

He probably totally understands if people can't afford, or don't want to give and doesn't wish them any ill-will, and would just appreciate it if they could. He's probably same something desperately uncool like "I appreciate all of you, and it'd mean a lot if you could spare even a little. Your support makes what I do possible, and I can't wait to share even more content with you!"

What an asshole.

At least he's not trying to manipulate me with photos of his pets.

You mean these idiots? HAHA, what a soyboy. He literally has two cats.

Why did you write your Patreon description like this, you weirdo?

I have an anxiety disorder
$1,000 – reached! per month
If I reach this goal I will make it official that I release a new video at least twice a month. Luckily, I'll never have to live up to this promise because I will never reach this goal.
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