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You have my gratitude and my thanks. Money is not something easy to come by and it’s a commodity that’s sometimes hard to do anything aside pay the bills with. So, the fact that you’re choosing to donate some to me so my own financial stuff becomes easier means everything. This tier includes:

🎮 My eternal gratitude.
🎮 Biweekly check-ins
🎮 Pet pics
  • Patron Highlight on Blog Page

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On top of my gratitude and everything from the previous post, you'll also have the following:

💻 Monthly preview of planned blog content
💻 Pitch ideas (and vote) for monthly blog post topic
💻 Monthly exclusive blog post
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On top of my gratitude ever flowing and the previous two tiers, you also receive the following:

📚 Poll to vote on monthly read
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About Nicole Evans

Hello everyone! 

Thank you so much for checking out my Patreon! I'm so excited (and completely beyond flattered) you've looked to find ways to support me as I continue to create content. First off, thank you *so much* for even considering.

🗡️ Who am I?

As you prolly found your way here from my website, Thoughts Stained With Ink, you might already know that I am an almost-thirty SFF writer who also: serves as a freelance editor of adult SFF and select romance novels; has been a book blogger for 10 (!!) years; as been writing novels for twice that long; and a general, overarching nerd. 

🗡️ Why a Patreon? 🛡️

  • I have recently gone self-hosted on my website, so my costs have gone up.
  • My (newly discovered) disability has accrued some medical debt I want to pay off, but need help to do so.
  • I want to branch out and continue building my platform now, well before I begin publishing.

🗡️ What can you get? 🛡️

  • All of my thanks, forever and always.
  • Pet (doggo and cats) pics.
  • Reading and blogging voting polls.
  • Exclusive monthly blog post
  • Exclusive short stories!
  • And more!

What Will I Use This For?  🛡️

  • Pay off medical debt (both mine and my pets).
  • To help pay off my ridiculous amount in student loans and maybe, one day, become debt free.
    • Once this happens, then I'd love to set up a fund to support other creators!
  • Build up emergency savings.
  • Pay blogging costs.
  • Buy Dovahkiin extra treats.
Thank you so much for considering supporting me financially. It means the world. 🖤
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If we grow to five patrons, I'll write everyone who wants one a personalized postcard!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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