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This is a special tier that I introduced today, March 14, while we are all going through those difficult times we are facing. The Corona Virus hits both audience and producers economically. With 1$ per episode - if many of you will contribute - we will be able to manage across those coming difficult weeks and months. And 1$ per episode should not really hurt anyone. 
Thanks for making Thoth Hermes possible also in those months to come!


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Your support to cover the costs of producing and developing our podcast is greatly appreciated!

ALL PATRONS will receive the name of the interview guest a week ahead of others, which will allow you to ask your personal questions and receive the answer in a special Q&A section of the podcast, that only Patrons can access


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Get access to special episodes, like roundtable-discussions, Q&A sessions with special guests, call-in possibility, premiere screenings etc., as they become available




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About Thoth Hermes

The THOTH-HERMES podcast has recently turned three!!
I have founded the podcast in April 2017, when I launched its first episode. Very quickly I have been lucky enough to get a nice number of regular listeners, which in the meantime has increased steadily.

Thoth Hermes is a podcast treating all kinds of subjects in relation to the world of the Western Esoteric Tradition. So all things occult, esoteric, mystic and paranormal can be heard here. Of course, we do not exclude the Eastern path, but I am more a specialist in the Western Tradition and only want to talk about things that I know well.

Since its founding, many important people have appeared: Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Thomas Karlsson, Frater Acher (his is still his only audio interview available on the web), Lon Milo Duquette, Greg Kaminsky, Frater V.:D.:, David Beth, to name just a few. And with each episode, we expand the name list and the points of view.

Points of view are important to us. We want open thought, and open-mindedness to be our principle. Our guests often have strong opinions, but this is why they are here because they have the knowledge and want to share it. 

I am European. Over the centuries Europe has given birth to most of the currents of what we call the Western Tradition. Over the last century or so there has been a shift towards North America, where many of the leading experts are now located. Also what we find on the internet comes often out of North America and the Anglo-Saxon world. Thoth-Hermes will try to give a strong European accent to our field but is of course at any time open to esotericists from the whole planet. Our audience is world-wide, but also here we have a strong North American and UK participation.

In January 2020, we have started our 4th season, and with that, we have changed to a weekly format. Each Sunday around 2 p.m. UTC, our new episode should appear. Every once in awhile we will within the season present a so-called EX LIBRIS edition, in which instead of one long interview we present several books and events that might be interesting for our audience.

Upcoming in the future are roundtable discussions, live shows, videos, call-in possibilities, Q&A sessions with guests, etc. Come with us, Thoth Hermes is moving forward!
$96.50 of $500 per Episode
A podcast always costs money: hosting fees, technical equipment (microphone, camera, etc.), computers. In order to be able to maintain a high audio standard, we need to keep investing and also pay our monthly subscription fees. 
So this money will not be a personal income for the host or creator, but will be used to cover costs.

As we have plans to produce roundtable discussions and videocasts on YouTube (live and recorded), investment in those fields will also be needed.
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