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About Thread Zone

What is this?
This is a way to support the Thread Zone, a free message board hosting service. Anyone can create a Zone and run their very own sub-community. Your contributions will help pay for hosting fees, also you get a few perks for supporting me.

Thread Zone is similar to an old school "web 1.0" forum but with many modern touches, including:
  • threads update instantly, like a chat room
  • drag & drop to upload images 
  • a responsive, mobile-friendly layout 
  • emoji reactions

We've also got the best of classic message boards:
  • fast page loads
  • simple, no-frills layout
  • no bloat, no unnecessary javascript
  • no analytics tracking, no ads 

Whether it's a choose-your-own adventure web comic, your private guild, or place to discuss a shared interest, I think that Thread Zone can become your new home. The site is still is development, so there will be rough edges, but I'm constantly improving it and always looking for suggestions. If you haven't used it yet, please try it out. It's free!

What do you need the money for?
Hosting. Thread Zone currently costs me a little more than $60 per month. I think the site can support hundreds of more users while maintaining a $60-ish cost point. This cost covers servers, bandwidth, and the database. 
Eventually I plan to add paid premium features to Thread Zone, but for now this is the only way to contribute. 
I'll still pay out of my pocket to keep Thread Zone alive whether we meet the goal or not, so don't worry about your Zone disappearing. Many thanks to anyone who pledges to support us. 
$60 - reached! per month
Enough to cover hosting fees.
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