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As of January 1st, 2020, LunarSpotlight Media was renamed to Three By Seven.

What we do
We create Radio Broadcasts, Podcasts, and Mobile Apps. We’re best known for our work on Gensokyo Radio, an internet radio station devoted to playing and promoting fan-made music based on a popular yet niche video game series. Our primary content includes a monthly live radio production, a podcast series (currently in production), and a mobile app which compliments Gensokyo Radio and highlights its music and artists.

Who we are
At present, TBS is primarily supported by one member (LunarSpotlight). The team includes two additional members, NanoSatellite and DMJ654 who contribute to the maintenance and support of the services TBS provides.

LunarSpotlight has maintained most aspects of Gensokyo Radio since 2012 including its server, station processes, live programming, product management, and development of its website and mobile app. He is currently a full-time student and works part-time as a driver.

NanoSatellite regularly assists with web development and live programming at Gensokyo Radio as a co-host. He has also helped create image assets and artwork for promotional material and Gensokyo Radio’s mobile app. He currently works as a contractor for Microsoft. Nano maintains his own separate campaign focused around his artwork at

DMJ654 occasionally assists as a co-host during live programming. He has also published content as a writer on the website, and is currently working through the pre-production phase of his own podcast with another member at Gensokyo Radio. He currently works as an assembly line worker at Ford.

Why we’re on Patreon
In 2016, we began our campaign on Patreon for three reasons.
  • To provide a method for existing listeners to support the work we do behind the scenes at Gensokyo Radio and beyond.
  • To improve our existing service by allowing us to spend more time focusing on the work our fans know us for, eventually moving to full-time if feasible.
  • To give our biggest fans a way to get closer to the people, content, and processes that happen to keep the service we provide running.

Patreon allows us to do all of these things in a way which is more predictable and more easily managed in terms of income and content delivery. Your contribution means helping support the well-being of our members as creators, rather than directly supporting any of the services we work on. Keeping these two methods of support distinct from one another is one of the overarching reasons why we’re on Patreon.

Due to the niche nature of our service, it is difficult to receive external support from sponsors or advertisers, and we would prefer to keep our service uncluttered as much as possible. To this end, we depend on support from listeners and fans to help maintain and improve the quality of our service.

We appreciate everyone who spends time reading our story and hearing our case. Whether or not you decide to support us on Patreon, we will continue to improve and create the best platform we can, and aim to create regular content to accompany the service we’ve provided since 2012.

Thank you for your consideration!
$260 of $500 per month
New GR Character Shirt Design 
When reaching this goal, we'll commission a design for a new character T-shirt design.  This will be made available at a very discounted rate for Regular supporters and up, and publicly at the normal price.
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