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About Beer Night in San Diego Presented by Three B Zine Podcast!

As the longest running consistent podcast in San Diego covering local beer and for over 250 episodes, Beer Night in San Diego Presented by Three B Zine Podcast has worked tirelessly to bring craft beer drinkers the best entertainment we can through weekly podcasts. We strive to push the envelope each and every week with guests who make the craft beer world the amazing place that it is to share their stories, their work and of course lots of craft beer.

Each episode requires travel, beer purchase and as we grow equipment upgrades, purchasing and more. Please don't take this statement as a complaint, as we absolutely love what we do and believe it or not, we do it for you - The listeners!

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With your support, we can continue to grow our podcast not only in San Diego, but beyond into other craft beer regions to spread the word and work of the best of the best in the world of beer. We will be able to work towards sharing more beer with you, presenting more live on location episodes and travel to even more spots and events to meet great people and share their stories.

Thanks to your contributions, we will also create brand new merchandise, (t shirts, pins, hats, ect) most of which, if not all, will be given exclusively to our contributors. You read that correctly, given to contributors! You support us, we give back. (Details on merch and availability to come. We are currently working on some Three B Fiend Club EXCLUSIVE items that will be given only to Three B Fiend members!)

We love what we do and will continue to do so. Thank you in advance for any support including listening for free any time an episode is released. Honestly, that is the best support you can give.

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