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About Three Ravens Studio

Rebel. It’s a term that isn’t for everyone. To some, it sparks that energy of youthful bravado, of trying to figure things out for yourself, of not wanting to be told how to do things or live your life. To others, it seems disrespectful, contentious, undisciplined. DISOBEDIENT, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

So, it’s a loaded word. I accept this, because I’ve been a rebel since birth, and I’ve seen both positive and negative responses to my pushback, my desire to do things my way, to question everything, to not just accept that “this is the way things are done, the end.”
What some people don’t understand is this: one can be a rebel and still be respectful.
As a fiber rebel, I respect TO THE UTMOST that which has come before – the traditions, the work and research, the time dedicated to creating and refining a craft that is practical, but much more than utilitarian.

Without those who created these traditions, I would not be able to do what I do today. They are the foundation of everything I create. They gave me tools that I treasure beyond measure.

But now that I have these tools, I have to go my own way and construct my own traditions – build firmly, respectfully, lovingly on those which came before, but in my own style.
I am not participating in an act of unreasoned rebellion. I am embracing the idea of WHAT IF. I am asking WHY NOT. And occasionally, I am laughing and saying “…what the hell.”

I am stating plainly: just because this is how it has always been does not mean that it is how it should always be. Rebels create change. Change can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Let’s try new things. Let’s mix them up with the old ways. Let’s have fun. Let’s explore. Let’s rebel.
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When I reach $250 a month, I'll create a special series of downloadable/printables for fiber artists to track your fiber stash, skills acquired, spinning goals, and more. This will be unique for patrons only and will include some of my best articles as well. I'll also create a special Fiber Rebel bumpersticker for all my patrons at the $5 and above tier!
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