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You get to sleep soundly at night knowing you're a part of the team. You know how a bunch of dudes in the midwest brag that they own a piece of the Green Bay Packers? It's like that, but dorkier.

I want to buy these guys a beer!

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A beer. To share. And you're also not tipping the bartender, so bad job by you. But here's the pro:
  • You get to vote in a monthly poll to determine one of the albums we'll be covering

I want to buy them BOTH a beer!

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Or maybe I'll just buy one of them an over-priced cocktail! However you want to look at it. Either way, here's what you get in return: - Vote in a monthly poll deciding which album to cover 
  • Access to a MiniPod every month on Patreon! What's a MiniPod? It's like the Throwback, but Fun Sized. Maybe we'll hit random songs, or A Patreonie Q's. The world is our oyster.



About Bob And Dan

It started at a dive bar on Pico. That's where Dan Hanzus turned to his lifelong friend (not counting a prolonged stretch from 1988 - 1994) Bob Castrone and suggested it was time for an adventure. Bob assumed this meant "let's join a bowling league!" when in actuality it meant something much, much sadder: "Let's start a podcast."

That's where The Throwback Podcast was born. The idea that two friends would get together, throw back a few drinks, play an old album, and shoot the sh*t about everything from what that artist means to them, to whatever the hell else came up in slightly-drunken conversation. It was a great idea, and an ever greater excuse to escape from their families and drink in a garage like a couple of buffoons.

After knocking out 36 incredible episodes (and 1 episode about Robbie Williams) in Year 1, and amassing a fan base of what they assume to be mostly hairy guys in their late 30's with a few presumably less hairy women mixed in, Bob and Dan were poised for greatness... until disaster struck. Their podcast network dumped them and left them with nothing -- not even a break-up mixtape. All hope was lost. The guys were giving up. The 35 stellar episodes (not counting the previously mentioned Robbie Williams pod or the Wyclef Jean ep, if we're being honest) were all for naught. The Throwback Pod was destined to disband before it found greatness, much like Billy Corgan's under-appreciated early-aughts band Zwan,  or even, perhaps, The Bens.

But then out of nowhere, a handful of those listeners who were told to go F themselves on a near-weekly basis stepped up and inspired our hosts to keep going. To keep fighting the good fight. To avoid imploding before they reached their full potential like The Libertines, and to keep pumping out content until everyone just lost interest, like R.E.M. 

Which brings us to Patreon.

The Throwback Podcast is throwing this to you, the fans, to keep this tour going. We don't need much - just some equipment, a hosting service, beer money, and partial financing for our Corky Romano 2: Still Corkin' Around!?! feature film that we've poured our hearts and souls into. You know - the essentials. 

The plan is to bang out an episode every other week until one of us croaks -- plus some bonus content for our patrons. Thank you in advance for encouraging our debauchery and buffonery, and for picking us up by our puppy scruff.
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When we reach 500 patrons, we'll let Jason Zumwalt come back and do Pink Floyd or something.
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