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About thrtydp

A new way to experience fashion. Apparel and accessories available exclusively to Patrons in subscription-style box shipments.
Everyone gets something. Each and every pledge made receives a handmade gift delivered straight to your door, mailbox, porch, PO box, whatever who cares fuck you. And although I do not offer the option to select which items you get, I will try my best to accommodate requests.

Founded in Brooklyn c. 2017. I've always had a genuine appreciation for alternate-reality games, augmented reality technology and just the general idea of the digital crossing over into the physical. With these themes at its center, the thrtydp multiverse is the first of its kind. Within this fictional universe, there are multiple characters whose interactive stories are experienced by YOU (the "player") through various media. Each story manifests the designs and merchandise themselves.

There's a lot, actually.
In this story we follow our main character and his two friends as they respond to a mysterious thirty-minute long Christian cult music video. Unbeknownst to two of the characters, they are being set up by one of their friends to be kidnapped, tortured and converted.

This is a book. With words and all. In it, our main character commits suicide. This appears to only be the beginning of his suffering. Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

(if you'd like to know more about the multiverse go fuck yourself check out this blog post on medium! [coming soon])

Timeless design principles meet avant-garde execution. The only reason I entertain this toxic fucking industry and all of the scumbags and pieces of human garbage in it fashion is to leave a lasting impact on everything I get involved with. I want my clothes, my designs and my beliefs to live longer than me. Every single piece of thrtydp apparel, every thrtydp sticker or accessory, has been designed, manually cut, and hand-pressed by me personally. Not a single person on Earth has any merchandise from this brand that I did not give individual attention to.

There's a lot more on the way. Pledge your support to join us on this trip into oblivion.


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If by some off chance this page gets to 120 patrons, I'll release a full capsule. "russian cream" tier patrons will get early access and for that month alone, can decide which hoodie and t-shirt they want from said capsule.
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