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is creating Video Sailing Travelomentary - exploring the world's many faces
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Ahoy little curious one! 

Great that you want to be one of our nomads of the sea, travelling in a swarm of small other fish below Thula’s keel. Thula will reward you for your company with offering you plankton from its keel feeding you with energy and other special courtesies!

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Ahoy nimble and agile one! 

Lovely that you want to be one of the bigger fish under Thula’s keel migrating the world’s “blues” over long distances. With your turquoise-metallic to steel-blue and silvery-white colors you make Thula’s belly shine. Being aware that your fastness and determination demands some energy and power from you, Thula and her crew will reward you with some plankton from its keel as well as some more courtesies than the little sardine swarms are used to!

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Ahoy enthusiastic, helpful, curious and docile one! 

Wonderful that you – being the fastest mammal underwater – see potential in us and want to enjoy riding on Thula’s bow waves making use of your compassion, enthusiasm und supporting strength. Your playful jumps out of the water affording quite some energy will be rewarded with recognition and finding out more details happening on Thula’s deck. 

Your special abilities of compassion, virtue and joy of communication make you a very special companion and open the ways to learning more about Thula, her destinations and her crew.  

With your pod of buddies swimming in Thula’s bow waves you guide her way to new waters, your support leading the path to possibilities of more extraordinary experiences Janna and Ilja can share with you. 



About Thula Sailing

"Live Your Life By Compass and Not By Clock"

This is why we decided to leave our home waters in the Baltic Sea to discover the many more faces the world has to offer. We would like to take you on the journey with us to discover and explore unique sights and landscapes.
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