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Soles of my toes
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You will get to see the under sides of my feet or the soles of my feet on Sunday. Plus feet videos. (Will be sent over insta)🌞

Thunder toes adventures
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You will get to see what my toes are up to each Sunday by video. Sometimes they do crazy things! Sole pictures and talk to me!🦶😋

Talk to my toes!
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You will get to chat with me and my toes at the time you and I are available. Also includes everything else from every other tier. So talk to me baby!😉😊




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About Thundercats toes

Welcome to my toe page. Join my toe filled journey with many intriguing adventures. I have made this page to supply people with toes and for people to supply me with money to pursue my other hobbies. I will post a toe pic each day, but if you pay extra I will share a weekly video of my toes. So lend a foot!

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