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I am a freelance software and hardware engineer. My first encounter with FreeCAD was during the time I worked on my wearable computer project, around 2015. As an amature mechanical "engineer", I used to struggled a lot with FreeCAD. But I managed to stay with it, and eventually grew fond of it. So much so that I have postponed my originally project and started working on improving FreeCAD instead. I began my contribution to FreeCAD community with the Path workbench and created a toolkit for PCB CNC milling and FEM study. I have since implemented many new features, such as the long wanted robust topological naming feature. I am an extremely efficient coder. In fact, my coding pace is probably too fast for FreeCAD upstream, which is why you'll find most of the new features in my own fork and pre-built images here.

My current focus is to implement FreeCAD core functionalities for better assembly support. The Assembly3 workbench is a demonstration of that effort. I consider myself as one of the most active FreeCAD developer at the moment. In fact, I am considering to make it as a career. I am ambitious to push FreeCAD to the next level, to be able to compete with mid-range commercial CAD, such as SolidWorks. And this, my dear patrons, cannot be done without your generous support!

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