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Hey there!

My name is Tia Liet, welcome! I’ve been creating things since I can remember. I want to continue to create things, but it’s becoming increasingly hard to when I just don’t have the means. However, even a little support goes a long way! That’s what this page is for; support!

See, I’m in the middle of creating two big Things: Opposing Magics and Sigillea. They’re books I’ve been dreaming about bringing to life for a long time, and as that time has passed I have only gotten more convinced that I need to write these books. I need to tell these stories. I need to share them with the world.

Let’s talk a little about these Big Gay Projects of mine, shall we?

Big Gay Projects

Opposing Magics by Tia Liet

The world erupted in fire and magic around her.

When you find “The One,” sparks fly! But what if that was a bit more literal? What if you created magic when you and your soul mate touched? Lily Martin and Kayli Latka find out the hard way that life throws things your way that you can’t always explain. Like those strange rolling waves of magic that seep through their skin. Or the strange message that makes Kayli attack Lily. Or the old man that’s been following them around...

Opposing Magics explores themes of soul mates and magic, betrayal and trust, and building lasting relationships.

This story is currently undergoing it's third rewrite. 

Sigillea by Tia Liet

Sig; Life. Ils; Death. Lea; Continuity.

A planet seeded long ago, Sigillea herself is alive. She creates All... And it’s coming down around her. Follow Thaide, Risten, Sciphe, and Chevaw as they try to reset space-time to save their planet Sigillea- and all life created by Her.

Sigillea is a hybrid Sci-fi/Fantasy adventure. There are 3 planned parts, and the world building is ongoing. It explores themes of found family, trauma, heroism, etc.
MANIPULATED (TW: Child abuse, child slavery, violence)
PRINCE OF THE SEA (TW: Transphobia, manipulation, misgendering)

Side Projects

Project Planner and Worldbuilding Worksheets

These worksheets are meant to help organize your projects. Simple, easy-to-use, and hand-drawn.
Planner, Universe/Planet/People worksheets
Coming Soon:
Character Sketches

These are teeny-tiny books with thoughts, mostly on gender right now, but with other things in mind. Like projects for your Raspberry Pi for accessibility. Or Witchcraft zines. Or flash fiction. Or anything, really.


I like to create games in my spare time. Table Top RPG's, cards, dice games, oracle decks, video games, etc. It's just fun. I have a little project in mind for mini-rpg's in a box. It's still in it's thought-stage. I've also been working on a Twine game with mechanics that let you choose your pronouns and possibly change them at any time during the game. The game itself is about being a Wizard.
Coming Soon:

I want to eventually start making videos for these things, but, alas, I need to think this one through a little more. So far, I've got ideas for free readings of my work, playlists for the themes of my projects, and book previews.

Short Stories

Occasionally, I like to write flash fiction or short stories. I'd like to share them with y'all first before releasing them to the world.

:) If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach me at [email protected] 
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